Going out of the traditional frames when it comes to fashion has never been more fun. Mixing and matching colors and patterns has been popular in the ’80s and ever since then, it has been considered as non-stylish. However, in the last few years, we have witnessed a true revolution of combining prints into one trendy-looking outfit. So, to celebrate that trend here is how to wear it this season.

Leopard print – The absolute hit this season

Animal prints, in general, are very popular this season, leopard print especially, which is why it has found its way into many different outfits. Although it may sound a little out there, you can successfully pair leopard print with stripes and look like you just stepped off a runway. A leopard mini skirt with a big belt would go great with a loose striped shirt tucked into it. If, however, you want to keep it less obvious, a great option is to get a leopard print purse which you can wear with the same shirt and darker denim jeans or shorts. Another item that has embraced the leopard print beautifully is shoes. Either flats or heels, you can wear it with polka dots or stripes. This little detail will make everything stand out more. Accessories such as big statement earrings or bracelets can complete any look, so why not wear it with a floral print of the same color?

Floral prints – Both luxe and casual

Floral prints have come and gone a lot of the times, but they were always present to some extent. Now, we wear it through all seasons and to any occasion. Dresses are the most common items that we choose when it comes to floral prints. You can look to renowned dress stores to show you different interesting ways we can mix floral with animal prints and make it look amazing. This can give us the inspiration or an idea on how we can create our looks. One example could be a nude dress with big flowers in different tones of pink and loose leopard print sleeves. Another outfit you can recreate is a floral pencil skirt and a cow print, casual blouse. To tone it all down a bit, wear natural makeup and a simple hairstyle and you will look chic and trendy. A great example of this trend is striped black and white shirts with big flowers in different colors.

Checkered print – The all-time favorite

One of the most famous and recognizable prints is most certainly the Burberry checkered print. Like any other print, it is a statement on its own, but you can none the less mix and match checkered with any other print. A good tip you can use is to match according to the color, not the print. A dark blue checkered knee-length skirt can go great with a light blue floral shirt that you can tuck in and button all the way up. A low bun and black ankle boots are all the accessories you need. Another option, for the bolder among you is to match different types of checkered prints. Gray pencil pants with a red checkered T-shirt and simple white sneakers will look effective and interesting.

Polka dots – The classic

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear polka dots is pin-up fashion, which is exactly why this is a classic that is always popular. There are also unique and fashionable ways you can combine polka dots with other prints. One outfit could be black shorts with small polka dots, a basic white t-shirt, and a snake print blazer. You can wear it with sandals, ballet flats, sneakers or even heels. The versatility is important here because you want to be able to wear it on different occasions and these pieces let you do that. Polka dots combined with flowers on a cute flirty summer dress can be an inspiration on how to mix and match it with floral prints as well.

Although to many, it may sound impossible to wear more than one pattern in an outfit, new fashion trends show us otherwise. It is important to have fun with fashion trends and try different things, which is how this one came to be. These tips and tricks can give you an idea on how to create your own unique outfit.


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