209 Mare was born out of the idea that men’s beachwear has been lacking innovation and excitement. Every men’s beachwear brand does the same: swim shorts, flip-flops, t-shirts, without challenging what men’s luxury beachwear can be. That is why the two brothers Federico and Gabriel Uribe started 209 Mare in Monaco 2 years ago and introduced the Beach Blazer, a men’s luxury beachwear product that stands in a category of its own.

By lining the velvet shawl collared Beach Blazer with a cashmere-soft bamboo toweling material, 209 Mare introduced a product that allows men to go from ocean swim to lunch on a yacht seamlessly in style while also drying themselves. For the first time, this brought the elegance and class of the men’s blazer to summer attire in a functional and luxurious manner. Developing their first collection of Beach Blazers in Italy, the two brothers sought to redefine what men’s luxury beachwear should be and this is reflected in the brand’s slogan “Breaking the Rules in Style”. Thanks to this innovative approach 209 Mare believes it is setting the new standard in luxury beachwear.

After a successful first collection, 209 Mare introduced a collection of Towel Tuxedos, a variation of the Beach Blazer, for men and women. The new collection sold out in several variations within weeks and has been placed on back-order to fulfill demand. Within 14 months of launching the first collection 209 Mare has been sold in more than 60 countries and every continent.

However, what is most interesting is the backstory to the brand.

‘209’ represents the 20th of September, specifically 20/9/15. On this day 209 Mare’s Creative Director and co-founder Federico Uribe fell 10 meters down a balcony in Madrid. This accident is one that most likely would have resulted in his death, yet miraculously he survived with considerably minor injury. As a result, not only was this the day that Federico vowed to start his own fashion line, but it was also the day that would change the world of luxury beachwear. The 20th of September is known as the “Founding Day” for 209 Mare, and this year marks the 2nd anniversary for the brand.

Brother-led luxury beachwear label that was founded in the Principality in 2016 and invented the Beach Blazer and Towel Tuxedo celebrates its 2-year anniversary on the 20th of September, the fateful day in 2015 that led to the near-death of one of the founders.

Today Monaco-based luxury beachwear start-up 209 Mare celebrates its 2nd anniversary, a day that the brother-duo founders never thought might come. “When we first embarked on this project we did not know how far it would take us” says Gabriel Uribe, the Director of Operations and co-founder of 209 Mare. Since Federico and Gabriel Uribe launched the luxury beachwear start-up back in 2016, the brand has introduced both its Beach Blazer as well the second variation, a Towel Tuxedo, as well as a collection of unique Swim Trunks and Swim Shorts made in Italy and Portugal. The brand positions itself as ‘The New Standard in Luxury Beachwear’ while stating that its beachwear is designed in Monaco for yachts and beach clubs around the world.

Since launching sales last summer, the brand has sold its luxury beachwear in more than 70 countries in every continent (except Antarctica) thanks to its unique beachwear concept. Unlike other beachwear brands, 209 Mare differentiates itself due to its unique beachwear concept, which is that of challenging what luxury beachwear can and should be. Its original product, the Beach Blazer, which is a towel-lined tuxedo like jacket made for men to wear whether at Nikki Beach Monaco or on a Yacht, has been received with enthusiasm by its customers who seek to elevate their level of beach wear to new levels of elegance and luxury in order to stand out. Resulting from the positive feedback of the Beach Blazer, 209 Mare’s Creative Director and co- founder Federico Uribe developed the 209 Towel Tuxedo. Based off of the 209 Beach Blazer it introduced a more casual version of the Beach Blazer while still maintaining the ideals of elevated luxury beachwear at the pool. Promoting its Monegasque-roots, 209 Mare has partnered with local influencer and Monaco luxury ambassador Tom Claeren to produce a series of high-quality content that reflects the lifestyle of the brand.

2 years later however, Federico Uribe reflects on the event 3 years ago today which started the ripple effect of the creation of 209 Mare. On the 20th of September 2015, Federico was in Madrid studying for his MBA at the Instituto Empressarial when he was attending a celebration for the Chilean Independence Day. While leaning against the skylight of an underground garage, the glass cracked below him and he fell 10 meters down on to the hard concrete of the garage below him. In what his doctors would later claim was a miracle, Federico walked away almost unharmed from the incident – a one in a million chance of such an outcome as described by doctors. Federico saw this incident as a re-birth and decided to dedicate himself to his passion for fashion and creativity. He vowed to start a company and name it ‘209…’ in commemoration for 20/9, the day that he was given a second chance at life.

A few months later Federico was in Chile visiting a friend when someone made the comment that the bathrobes they provide you at high-end hotels and spas are always uncomfortable and far too large. This lit up a creative spark in Federico who decided to reinvent what wearing a jacket to the pool should be. At the 2016 Monaco F1 Grand Prix Federico brought the first prototype of what would become the Beach Blazer, and thanks to positive feedback and interest he decided to start a company to design and develop the new standard of luxury beachwear for men. In the fall of 2016 he invited his brother, Gabriel, to join him and start the venture of revolutionizing the luxury beachwear industry.

Today the brother-duo are celebrating a milestone since the inception of 209 Mare as they have two successful summer season to prove their innovative approach. Right now they are getting ready to present the Summer 2019 collection in a few weeks in a bid for a global reach expansion to continue revolutionizing what both men and women wear to Beach Clubs and Yachts.


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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