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Moschino Do Vegas Nights and Casino Chic

Whilst a lot of people are still trying to forget the eighties, Moschino are bringing it back into the forefront of our minds.

Whilst a lot of people are still trying to forget the eighties, Moschino are bringing it back into the forefront of our minds. Thanks to the success of Netflix’s Stranger Things, we are actually finding it quite difficult to forget the 80s. Whilst the Vegas Resort Collection featured headdresses and feathers, the collection wasn’t just about showgirl sequins, but casino chic. Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas blared out of the speakers, whilst slot machine sound effects were played over the top. The catwalk was dressed with neon signs, and models looked as though they had stepped straight out of a 1980s Trump casino. Moschino have long been purveyors of “bad taste gone good”, and their Vegas collection is no exception. Here are some of our favourite pieces from the 2017 collection.
Showgirl Feathers and Rhinestone Coated Jeans

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Dressing up whilst dressing down is something at which Moschino have always excelled. Their branded buckled belts are still one of the biggest things in fashion and their tongue-in-cheek evening gowns never fail to pull the paparazzi on the red carpet.As international provocateurs, Moschino are number one.

For Moschino it is this tongue in cheek approach and the choice to ignore the rule, “Less is More”, which is so important to the brand, and this showgirl headpiece paired with a pair of rhinestone jeans is no exception. For everyday wear, try some rhinestoned jeans, and pair with a pair of brightly coloured heels and a cami. Effortless glamour.

80s Upper-Middle-Class Chic

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Whilst this Miranda Kerr piece doesn’t immediately scream Vegas, Moschino is cleverly taking us back to the gilded gold days of the eighties, when ladies in pearls would sit in Vegas casinos and very innocently play the slots, often winning megabucks. Arguably, it’s easier to sit at home and play online casino slots in your pyjamas nowadays, but if you ever wanted to recapture the innocence of the eighties, Moschino has you sorted. Moschino’s applique designs on the cropped cardigan make it feel more edgy than just an eighties prep, and the contrasting pastel shades keep it feeling fresh and fun.

Pop Culture Queens

Looks from the Moschino 2018 Resort Collection: Jasmine Tookes. #moschino #moschinoresort #jeremyscott #jasminetookes #fashion #beauty #style #model #instafashion #instabeauty #instastyle #glam #celebbeauty #celebrities #celebfashion #celebritystyle

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As ever, Moschino are known for their takes on pop culture, and often use images and entire motifs in their work. Moschino’s head designer, Jeremy Scott is a big fan of nostalgia, which explains their most recent collections. The S/S18 capsule collection is a collaboration with My Little Pony, so expect lots of pastels and glitter. The Vegas resort collection makes use of characters such as Betty Boop and Sponge Bob Squarepants. Whilst this might strike fear into the eyes of some, the bodysuits are incredibly cleverly designed, and Moschino’s knack for featuring design and making it their own is completely evident in these designs. The Sponge Bob bodysuit shouldn’t work, but for some reason, the way in which Moschino has placed the flames and the button detail on the arm makes for a chic piece, which you could definitely rock with a pair of leather trousers.
Sparkly Suiting

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Suiting has been big news lately, with tailoring all over the catwalk and highstreet, there’s no escaping it. However, Moschino seek to do something a little bit different. Whilst most are experimenting with loud pattern and colour, Moschino choose glitz and glamour. A satin suit studded with crystals and paired with a tuxedo collar takes boardroom chic completely out of context and into the evening. For a more wearable look, axe the bunny ears and pair with a crisp white shirt. You might not get away with it in the boardroom, but who makes the rules?
Moschino continue to push boundaries and simultaneously remain clever and frivolous with their 2018 Vegas Resort Collection. What are you waiting for? Shake up a cocktail, put on some Elvis and check it out for yourself!