Moschino’s SS15 Pink Barbie Girls

Jeremy Scott gave us McDonalds, Budweiser and Graham crackers for AW14, so what more could we expect when the invitation was a bright pink hair comb with the Moschino etched in the classic Mattel font? It was of course, our favourite good time girl, Barbie!

The collection was a frenzied flash of pink, hot pants, muled sandals, huge plastic smiles and even bigger bouffant blonde curls. The Moschino logo was everywhere; bikini tops, mini skirts, pull along suitcases and matching two piece lounge wear as Daphne Groeneveld worked out along the runway with pink sweatbands and wrist weights. Charlotte Free glided along next in nothing but a pair of hot pants and retro roller skates, her cute smile beaming down to us as we couldn’t help but feel a sense of envy. We wanted to be Barbie girls too!

Scott covered all of Barbie’s vocations and outfits that we grew up with and loved; swimwear in neon pink and yellow, cowgirl Barbie in sequinned jeans and white cowboy boots (!) and Barbie at work in various two piece tweed suits finished with a headscarf in her hair. Lamé gold hot pants, denim jackets and trench coats that should and would look tacky on any of us, looked adorable on Frida Aasen and Anja Leuenberger. Oversized plastic belts and earrings accessorised the models, just as we had on our very own dolls  as children.

It is a collection that will divide opinion; the fashion serious will run and hide from Scott’s plastic, tacky fantasy, whilst those of us seeking fun and an invitation to our past will kick on our pink heels and say “Come on Barbie, let’s go party”


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