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Most Beautiful Islands In The Philippines

Most Beautiful Islands In The Philippines

The Philippines, also officially known as the Republic Of Philippines, is also an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. The country is located in the western Pacific Ocean.

March 23rd, 2022

The Philippines, also officially known as the Republic Of Philippines, is also an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. The country is located in the western Pacific Ocean. It consists of almost 7,640 islands divided into 3 major geographical divisions from south to north: Luzon, Mindanao, and the Visayas. The whole country is spread over 300,000 square km and according to a report of 2020, the Philippines has a population of almost 109 million people which makes the country the 12th most populated country in the whole world. Manila is the capital of the nation and Quezon City is the largest city.

The Philippines is among a few countries in the world that are visited by over thousands of tourists from all across the world every year. Manila, the capital, is the most visited city of the Philippines. Over 100 flight companies give services to the country, but a plane fare is a place where tourists have to spend a lot. But there is a flight company which will give you class-leading services at a very affordable price too. Cebu Pacific is the flight company that you can choose from.

The Philippines consists of over 1000 islands all around, but there are a few islands that we advise you not to miss. The following is the list of some islands that you should not miss visiting on your next Philippines trip.

The List Of Some Beautiful Island That You Have To Visit Definitely

1. Palawan: It is one of the most beautiful islands all across the world and it attracts many tourists with its beautiful beaches, lush wildlife and mountain jungles. Located in the western part of the country, the island is just like a heaven that loves nature. It is only 80 mins away on flights from the capital Manila city.

2. El-Nido: It is another beautiful island located just at the tip of the Palawan island. It is considered as another separate world because of extraordinary striking natural beauty. This island is also considered the gateway of Bacuit Archipelago, where you can find 45 different islands altogether. All these 45 islands are different and unique from each other.

3. Bohol: Bohol, another island located in the Central Visayas region, attracts several tourists by its striking beauty and the Chocolate Hills which is the most famous spot of all. This island is formed by one major island and 75 small islands and you can visit each of these. On this island, you will encounter several hidden natural spots like a secret waterfall, fisher-man only river, handicraft market and the list just goes on.

4. Coron: This island is considered the best island of the Philippines by many people and it is famous for its extraordinary beaches, twin lagoons, small lagoons, Kayangan Lake and Barracuda Lake. It is located only 30 mins away from Busuanga. On this island, you can enjoy many activities like scuba, wreck diving, beach camping and many others.

5. Boracay: Another famous and beautiful island of the Philippines, it consists of both natural and man-made beauty. It is a small island located 300 km away from the capital Manila but still, it consists of around 17 beaches of different sizes and shapes. The whole island is surrounded by clear water and white-sand beaches. It is one of the best places for spending some relaxing time with close family members and friends.

6. Luzon: Luzon is among the largest islands in the Philippines and it is quite popular among tourists as a beach vacation place. This is the island perfect for those who love adventure and nature both. You can here enjoy camping on the pick of the hills. Some popular spots here to enjoy are Pahubad, Taal Volcano and also the gateway of Magalawa Island.

7. Siargao: It is a place which every tourist dreams of, situated 800 km away from South Manila. Siargao is famous for its perfect white-sand beaches, mangrove forest, lagoons and exotic wildlife. But the main attraction of this place is surfing. Here on this island, you can also find restaurants, resorts, shops and many other things also.

So here is the list of islands that we advise you to visit without any miss and apart from these, there are plenty of other islands and things that you can enjoy on your next Philippines trip.



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