Winters are on the way, and outdoor activities on a sunny day like gardening, hiking, and taking your pets for a walk will see a rise. Pets are always more eager than us to go outside.

However, they do not realize they can get plant-based toxic ingestions. It becomes your responsibility to save your little friends from lethal plants.

You need to call your vet as soon as you realize your pet has consumed a toxic plant.

Toxic Plants for your Cats

1) Lilies

It is one of the most common poisonous plants for felines. These are the most common lilies that are toxic

  1. Easter lilies
  2. Asiatic lilies
  3. Wood lilies
  4. Stargazer lilies
  5. Western lilies
  6. Rubrum lilies
  7. Tiger lilies
  8. Japanese Show lilies
  9. Day lilies

You can find lilies in gardens. They are also a popular addition to bouquets. However, these lovely blooms can be lethally dangerous if your feline ingests them

A tiny leaf, pollen, or flower can result in kidney failure. Even the tiniest exposure to the plant’s leaves, flowers, or pollen could result in acute kidney failure. They are such a common threat that there is also a campaign named No Lilies for Kitties! that aware cat owners about lilies.

2) Sago Palms

They look like bonsai palm trees. They are commonly known as

  1. Coontie palm
  2. Cycads
  3. Cardboard Palm
  4. Zamias

Many people also plant them in their outdoor gardens, especially in California and Florida. Sago palms contain cycasin which is a toxic agent. All parts of this plant are equally lethal for your feline friend.

Eating even a tiny amount of sago palm can result in gastrointestinal distress or severe liver damage. Sago Palm is so dangerous that even if your pet receives proper medical attention after eating it, there is only a 50% chance that it will survive.

3) Cannabis

Whenever your pet chews on a cannabis plant, you might notice it going sleepy or uncoordinated, which does not come as a surprise. Several medical uses of cannabis are out there for problems like anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

Chewing on a cannabis plant can give your cat symptoms like low blood pressure, vomiting, seizures, and in worst cases, coma. There are some instances where cats have also died because of cannabis.

Non-Toxic Plants for Cats

1) Spider Plants

The spider plant is a very popular houseplant native to South Africa. Over 200 varieties of spider plants are available today, and they are popular because you can effortlessly cultivate them, do not have many maintenance needs, and take a little space.

There are many questions regarding spider plants like, are spider plants toxic to cats? Spider plants are safe for your pets, and all the myths regarding their toxicity and poison are false.

2) African Violet

African Violets are one of the most beautiful plants for your house. They have fuzzy green leaves and flowers that last all year and come in a range of white, blues, pinks, reds, and lavenders.

African Violet flowers and plants are non-toxic to your pets. You can put these low-maintenance blooming plants in your house without worrying about your pets’ health.

Wrapping Up

You have to be more attentive when taking your pets for a walk. You have to train them because they do not know which plants are toxic and which ones are safe. You also need to contact your vet as soon as your pet consumes a toxic plant.

Some toxic plants are deadly, and unfortunately, it becomes difficult to save your feline friend. It becomes your responsibility to take care of your feline and prevent them from consuming plants like these.


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