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Most Expensive Knives in the World

Most Expensive Knives in the World

When most people think of knives they think of ones used for cooking, ones used to hunt with, or ones used by handymen.

August 28th, 2020

When most people think of knives they think of ones used for cooking, ones used to hunt with, or ones used by handymen. Well these knives certainly are useful and some are even beautifully crafted. But there is an entirely different set of knives that are loved and collected for their beauty. To be clear, these knives are also fully functional, but they are prized and priced because of their beauty, rarity and other key things about them as well. If you own these or any other quality knives make sure you keep them in pristine condition with the best knife care.

Here are the five most expensive knives in the world. .

#5 The Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife

#5 on our list is a knife that certainly turns heads. It is a combination of elegant and yet subdued and it is said that its artistry is on par with its functionality. It is the creation of Mark Hoescht and Mike Norris who adapted a Steampuck aesthetic for the knife.

One of the outstanding features of the knife is its intricate design on the case, Carved directly from the Damascus steel case and inlaid with gems. It looks like a clock works. It is handmade and only one exists. The owner will have to pay $18,500 to own this beauty.

#4 The Spearpoint Lace Knife

Willian Henry is one of the top custom knife designers in the world and the spearpoint Lace knife is one of several that tops lists of most expensive and beautiful. The Spearpoint Lace Knife took literally hundreds of handmade hours to create using the finest materials. The blade is made from ‘Boomerang’ Damascus steel, and boasts a ‘lace’ design that gives its name. The engraving on the knife is some of the most intricate and elegant you will find anywhere. The knife is adorned with 24 carat gold accents. Viewing the knife in all its glory, you know that it will be expensive. So it is no surprise that the knife is valued at $25,000.

#3 The Nesmuk Diamond Studded Knife

The Nesmuk Diamond Knife makes the bold claim of being the sharpest knife in the world. It says its carbon steel blade has been forged in a way that makes it slice and dice like no knife before it or after. This might be true, but what we can say for sure is that the knife has stunning details. Designed by Quinton Nel and Hoffman/Pieper it uses sterling silver for its handle,

This is the first knife on our list that we can see as being functional in the kitchen. It could be perfect for a high end chef working in a high end restaurant. The blade has been coated in titanium and Teflon guaranteeing that it will be durable and stay sharp. For its $40,000 price you get the knife, a diamond ring and a beautiful piano case that holds both.

#2 The Nesmuk Jahrhundert Messer

This is the second Nesmuk knife on our list and with good reason, the Nesmuk Jahrhundert Messer knife is one of outstanding beauty. This knife can lay claim to being the most expensive kitchen knife ever created and also perhaps the best as well. The blade of the knife was forged by the legendary Lars Scheidler with 640 layers of Damascus steel and an edge of pure carbon steel. This knife will cut through just about anything and look beautiful doing it.

And it will feel great in your hand as well. The handle of the knife is made from a 5,000 year old bog oak and it is elegantly adorned with platinum and 25 diamonds. If you want to own this knife, the price approaches $100,000.

#1 The Gem of the Orient

A fitting name for a knife that has 153 emeralds and nine large diamonds, the Gem of the Orient is a dagger that can claim to be the most expensive knife in the world. Before we go any further the dagger was auctioned recently for $2.5 million dollars so if you are interested in purchasing it from the owner your price should start considerably above that number.

It features a stunning blade that is made of gold and a handle that is made with jade and gold filigree. All told it took years to hand make the Gem of the Orient. And that is why it is the most expensive knife in the world.

If you love beautiful knives or art in general, these are the best in the world. And if you are a collector, look for these artists to make you a great knife.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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