Can you believe that we’re already half way through autumn? It’s such a great season, with autumnal colours on the trees, pumpkin latte’s in every coffee shop, and people wearing scarves. Equally, there are lots to shout about from a food and drink perspective too.

We’ve put together a roundup of the latest food and drink news, including product launches, increased product lines, limited editions and more. Enjoy!


Mad Pies from Mad O’Rourke’s Pie Factory

Have pie-fection delivered to your door by ordering from the world famous Mad O’Rourke’s pie factory. Tipton in the West Midlands is where each pie is lovingly made and packaged before being sent fresh to your door. You can order a box of 6 pies for just £24. Pies include 100% Bullocks (Steak), Posh n Becks (Steak & Stilton), Hen Pecked (Chicken & Mushroom), Andy Murray (Chicken Curry), Wham Bam Thank You Lamb (Minted Lamb), and Jack The Lad (Jackfruit & Mushroom). Available from Mad Pies Online.

Merchant Gourmet

The leading pulses and grains brand, Merchant Gourmet has launched a new limited-edition pouch this autumn: Spiced Grains & Chestnuts with Wild Rice & Cranberries, priced at £2.00 (250g). Flavoured with a mix of warming herbs and spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, rosemary and thyme, this limited-edition pouch containing pearl barley, wild rice, chestnuts and cranberries will make every dish taste wonderful. Available from Waitrose, Ocado, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.

Cocos Organic, Plant-Based Coconut Yoghurt

Cocos Organic is an independent and family-run dairy free brand that produces delicious and functional coconut food and drink products in Britain, launching with the first UK-owned organic coconut yoghurt alternative. Yoghurt alternative flavours include Mixed Berry, Mango & Passionfruit, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Natural. Priced at £4.99 (400g) select flavours available from Ocado and all flavours available from Cocos Organic.

The Groovy Food Company

There are a variety of baking products that you can purchase at The Groovy Food Company including Organic Agave Nectar (£2.50 from Waitrose, Ocado, H&B, Sainsbury’s and Tesco), Organic Coconut Oil (£3.99 from Ocado and Waitrose), and Organic Coconut Flour (£3.50 from H&B, Ocado, H&B, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons) to name just a few. These three baking essentials are what you will need to make your very own Lotus Biscoff Millionaires Shortbread along with some more ingredients. Full recipe at the bottom of this round-up!

Oppo Brothers Ice Cream

Oppo Brothers Ice Cream, the indulgent, feel good ice cream brand has served up a staggering 10 million scoops of ice cream to its loyal fans throughout summer 2021 …and it doesn’t seem to be wavering as we enter the colder months. So, why not try their newly launched flavour, Cookies & Cream, which sit alongside their existing range of low calorie ice creams including Caramel Cookie, Colombian Chocolate & Hazelnut, Chocolate Brownie, Double Salted Caramel Swirl, Vanilla Pecan Praline Crunch, and Double Salted Caramel Swirl Vegan. Available from Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Tesco, Ocado, and Amazon. Priced between £3 – £4.99 per tub.


New, healthy, and sustainable frozen food brand, SimpleFoods brings gourmet, chef-made food to your door. Offering restaurant-quality food, you can mix and match ready-to-heat portions to create the perfect meal. High quality nutrition, a mindful approach to sourcing ingredients, and reducing the amount of food and packaging waste are three of the brand’s key pillars. You can order 9, 15, or 24 portions, prices range between £2.95 – £5.50, from SimpleFoods.


The Asian-inspired healthy food brand itsu will be launching a new limited-edition Christmas gyoza bringing all the best flavours together into a gorgeous gyoza. soft steamed dumplings filled with juicy turkey, pork, bacon, sage and cranberry. They’re perfect on a party food platter, as a starter, dipped in soy, or simply thrown into stir-fries. Available from Waitrose and Ocado, priced at £3.75 (for 12 dumplings).


New Breed Bottle Shop

Long time friends Neil Datta and Mikey O’Kane had a dream to open a bottle shop stocking labels and brands impossible to find in a supermarket or the high street. As a specialist retailer of under-the-radar bottles their range includes spirits & cocktails, craft beers (over 200 on rotation) and wines, including a great selection of natural and biodynamic. So, if you want to treat yourself to something a little bit special, you can order a subscription package either monthly or quarterly at £50 each order. Craft beers include 7-10 bottles and cans, mixed wines include 3 bottles, ales will have 7-10 bottles and cans, red wines include 3 bottles, and white wines include 3 bottles. They also stock cocktails and spirits at differing prices. Available from New Breed.

Pure Oaty from Glebe Farm

The purest British oats are used to make PureOaty Plant-Based Drink by Glebe Farm. Perfect in a homemade barista-style coffee, on your favourite cereal, or in a tasty smoothie. With only 4 natural ingredients including British oats, water, sunflower oil and salt this is one of the cleanest plant-based drinks around. Available from Amazon, Holland & Barrett, and Booths stores plus online with Glebe Farm Foods, £10.80 (6 x 1lt)

Wilfred’s Aperitif

A carefully crafted blend of distilled and extracted natural rosemary, bitter orange, rhubarb and clove. Wilfred’s is free from alcohol, allergens, artificial flavours, sweeteners and colours, vegan-friendly, and a naturally lower calorie aperitif. To be enjoyed over ice with a decent mixer such as tonic or similar – makes a refreshing spritz. £19 (500ml), from Wilfred’s Drinks.

Radnor Hills Infusions

Radnor Hills Infusions is crafted in the ancient county of Radnorshire in mid-Wales using their own spring water with a gentle sparkle, delicately infused with all-natural flavours and extracts! These infusions come in four flavours including Lemon & Mint, Raspberry & Black Cherry, Blackberry & Pomegranate, and Mango & Pineapple. All are sugar and sweetener free, are suitable for vegans, are preservative free, and are made with all-natural ingredients. Priced at £6.49 for pack of 4 (x 330ml cans each) Lemon & Mint or Raspberry & Black Cherry, from Radnor Hills or from various supermarkets.

Slingsby Blackberry Gin

Perfectly timed for the autumn season, Slingsby Gin recently launched their newest flavour, Blackberry Gin. Slingsby’s London Dry Gin base has been infused with Yorkshire blackberries and Harrogate’s world-famous water along with locally sourced botanicals and a handful of ingredients from around the world to produce this fruity gin. It makes the perfect ‘Mulledberry’ Gin Cocktail. Priced at £30 (70cl) from Slingsby Gin.

The Groovy Food Company Lotus Biscoff Millionaires Shortbread – Recipe

Preparation time – 25 minutes / Cooking time – 10 minutes

• 90g The Groovy Food Company Organic Agave Nectar -Light Amber & Mild
• 60g The Groovy Food Company Organic Coconut Oil
• 200g The Groovy Food Company Organic Coconut Flour
• 250g Biscoff Biscuit Spread
• 150g Dark Vegan Chocolate
• 2 Lotus Biscuits (crumbled)
• Combine the Flour, Oil and Agave in a large bowl into a rough dough.
• Line square baking tin with greaseproof paper.
• Tip the dough into baking tin, pressing evenly with the back of a spoon.
• Put in freezer.
• Weigh out your Biscoff Spread and melt over low heat in a small saucepan.
• Remove tin with biscuit base out the freezer, pour in melted Biscoff Spread.
• Put back in the freezer.
• Melt chocolate in pan over low heat stirring constantly. Once melted let cool.
• Take baking tin out of freezer and pour melted chocolate over it spreading evenly
• Crumble lotus biscoff biscuits over the chocolate and press in gently.
• Pop the tin in the fridge for 30 minutes to allow chocolate to set. Remove from freezer and slice up ready to serve.


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