Move Over Coconut – Sibberi Birch Water is the New Super Water in Town

Here at House of Coco we love trying new things, so when we heard about the new craze about to topple coconut water off its post we, naturally, got excited. Welcome to Sibberi: an all-new natural, unsweetened Birch water containing only pure birch sap, collected drop by drop fresh from mature silver birch trees all the way from the forests of Latvia. Sibberi is a revitalising and cleansing pick-me-up that is set to shake things up and be the superdrink you reach for next.



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Sibberi birch water has an impressive, and ever-expanding, list of health and beauty benefits; it is naturally diuretic making it a powerful cleansing and cellulite reduction aid, containing a mere 5 calories per 100ml (four times less than coconut water) and has a rich nutritional profile, boasting high levels of electrolytes, potassium as well as vitamins B and C.

Birch water has been used across Nordic cultures for years as to rejuvenate the the body and soul after a long, harsh Winter. How are we in the UK only getting this beauty secret now?! Maybe because it can only be harvested during the first two weeks of April; talk about rare!


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So, what does this wonder drink taste like? The birch water is a little sweet – because of the naturally occurring xylitol – and beautifully crisp, with a delightful after-taste that will remind you of the forest.

With its bountiful health benefits and beautiful, romantic origins, Sibberi birch water is set to be the UK’s next big thing.. Catch up!

Launched into As Nature Intended, Partridges, Amazon and a raft of independent food stores across London and the South East, Sibberi retails at £3.30 per 300ml bottle.



By Imogen Comrie


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