Moving into a new home can be a daunting, stressful experience—and this applies whether you are moving hundreds of miles away, or a few doors down on the same street. Packing your entire life into boxes can feel like an impossible task, and it can be a nightmare liaising with all the necessary parties to ensure that everything goes ahead smoothly.

All that on top of the stress of selling your old home as well, whether you are working with a pro, such as real estate investor Benchmark Property Group, or flying solo selling a home is a taxing process. To help make the process go smoother, here is our ultimate how-to guide to take the stress out of your relocation and allow you to enjoy your new home in no time! Check out for more.


Before you pack anything, take the chance to declutter thoroughly. The last thing you want is to be moving junk or unwanted rubbish into your new home and having to find the space to store it. Most of us will accumulate a surprising amount of items during the time we live in a property, much of which we keep ‘just in case,’ or can’t even remember buying.

A move is an ideal opportunity to transform your wardrobe, finally having the guts to admit you will never fit into that dress again, and eliminating everything that you don’t absolutely love. The general rule is that if it has remained unworn for a year, it is time to find it a new home, and this can be a great place to start. This is also an excellent opportunity to empty drawers and cupboards, clear out old paperwork, and find a new home for old children’s toys and items. Be warned though—decluttering can be addictive!

Be Prepared

The earlier you can start preparing for your move, the less stress you will endure. There are a lot of little steps you can take. As we have mentioned, decluttering means you will have less stuff to move when the time comes physically.

Once you have a moving date, you can also be savvy with clothing. If you are moving in the middle of summer, it makes sense to pack up your skiwear and winter jumpers, only keeping available the things you are likely to need between now and then. By staggering the process, it becomes less overwhelming and far more manageable.

Organize By Room

There is no denying it—moving day is chaos. You can help to control this by making sure that all of your belongings are packed according to the room they will live in. This makes unloading and unpacking far more accessible, as boxes and crates can be stored in the correct location until you have time to deal with them. It also means you will be able to find the plates on the first night, and everyone should have some form of clothing to wear the first week.

Keep The Essentials Close

To make your life easier, have each family member pack an overnight bag with all the essentials, such as toothbrushes, medication, a change of clothes, and any cosmetics or hygiene products. This will be a massive help on the first day or night and means everyone can at least wash and brush their teeth before everything is unpacked.


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