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Moving To Thailand? Here’s Your Complete Relocation Guide

Before moving anywhere, you need to have a clear lay of the land.

Before moving anywhere, you need to have a clear lay of the land. It will make it easy for you to know exactly what you’re walking into if you are earlier prepared. When considering a move to Thailand, you need a complete guide to be on the safe side.

Most people know Thailand as the Land of Smiles, and regardless of the reason for your move – relationship or job, you need a guide. To smoothen up, the bumps here’s a complete guide that you can use before relocating.


The first thing you need to look at before you move anywhere is the security of the area. In Thailand, you are generally secure as a foreigner, other than the regular purse snatch that can happen to anyone. You won’t be targeted, though, just because you’re a foreigner.

Of course, you may have heard of the political unrest in the country from 2006 to 2011; they have since died down. Most of the foreigners in the country at that point weren’t safe as the protests turned violent. If you fear terrorist attacks, you need to stay clear of Bangkok – the government resides here.

Owning Property

If the move is permanent, you may need to own some property here. The laws are quite strict and precise when it comes to property ownership for foreigners. This begs the question, can foreigners buy property in Thailand? Well, foreigners aren’t allowed to buy or own land in the country, but you can hold already built structures. You will only need to get permits to build the house in your name – but the land remains with the owner.


Drugs are a menace to most societies, and you need to find out more about them before the move. Thanks to Bangkok, Thai, and Pattaya beaches, recreational drugs are easy to come by in Thailand. These drugs are illegal in the country, and you need to avoid them.

Drugs that are becoming common in most parts, even marijuana, can land you in a Thai prison.

Health Care

Like in most parts of the world, healthcare is quite expensive – though attainable here. You need to have insurance, just in case, if you are settling here. If you are working for a foreign company, you will get insured; if not, you need to get one as soon as possible.

Cost of Living

One of the biggest reasons several people are moving to Thailand is the low cost of living here. For example, if you have around $5,000, you can easily set yourself up for around three months. You shouldn’t be extravagant if you are going to live on this amount, though.

You can get serviced apartments for as low as $1250 for around six or more weeks. If you get a non-serviced one, you can get it for as low as $150 per month.


Before you move to Thailand, consider this a complete guide to your relocation to the country. It will be easier to move right if you know what to do and when to do it while you’re in Thailand.