In 2019, devices and smart home systems are the most popular upgrade for homes. However, it is also important to remember that decorative ideas are also an essential part of bringing your home into the new roaring ‘20s. Here is a list of exciting items to get and installations you should have in your home this year.

Smart Home Ecosystem

The best-known example of a smart home system is Amazon Alexa. It can do anything from telling you what the weather is like outside to integrating with your thermostat. You must have seen videos online of people moving around their home talking out loud, telling the system to order them more orange juice or play a song. Having this system in your home will really turn it into a 21st-century marvel of technology.

Window Blinds

When you install window blinds into your home, they change its presentation from bland to fantastic. In fact, it’s hard to find a home decoration manual that doesn’t feature these now. This is because window blinds are much more than just something to keep the sunlight from fading your furniture. They act as an insulator to help your home retain the heat better, which is not only good for your utility bills, but it’s also good for the environment. If you need a recommendation, be sure to check out Blindstyle.

Philips Hue Lights

Philips Hue bulbs work with most smart home systems. They can dim or brighten at your command and change colour. It is even possible to set them to integrate with the music you are playing. The best feature of smart hue light bulbs is that they can brighten when it is time for you to wake up and slowly lower the light when it is time for sleep.

Smart Devices for Home Security

Not all smart home devices are designed for entertainment. A smart system can be a major asset to your home security tools. They can record high-quality audio and video even in the pitch dark. The cameras can be set to record only when you are away from home and offer seven days of continuous observation.

SmartChef Technology

Say goodbye to burned steaks and hello to digital electric grillers. Now you don’t have to be chained to the grill station anytime you want to barbeque. This handy entertainment and cooking tool alerts you via your smart device when the grill is hot enough to start cooking, and when the steaks reach the correct temperature.

Even if grills can be a bit messy, they are very handy alongside a nice smoker, like those from Kettle Metal Holland Grill Reviews


A Virtual Private Network is the last word in internet privacy. It allows you to access the web safely. It does this by routing your connection through an intermediate server and in so doing, hides your online actions. Online snooping is likely to continue taking over the standard methods of using the internet. Getting a VPN is worthy of consideration if you worry about your data being misused. Many people prefer to increase security for browsing over the VPN. Hence for extra browsing security, the best option is to use antivirus with the VPN. The Antivirus with VPN protects your browser consistently from malware theft.

This list of essential items and installations to get for your home was compiled with the green initiative in mind. Check reviews and speak to people you know who have bought property to find an agent that you can trust and is not pushy for you to commit to a sale. 


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