Must-Have Items for 2021 Fitness Resolutions You Will Keep

Twixmas is upon us and never has there been a year where onesies, a good Christmas film and as much festive feeling as possible is needed. [...]

Twixmas is upon us and never has there been a year where onesies, a good Christmas film and as much festive feeling as possible is needed. However January is right around the corner and we are here to help you achieve your fitness goals for 2021. Whether you are a fitness freak looking to make the most of January or have a general 2021 fitness resolution in sight, here are a few items to consider trying (or buying for fun) for 2021. You don’t have to dedicate yourself to a daily HIIT class to see results with small changes. Try these suggestions to stretch more, get your steps up and move more.

Massage Gun

Every good fitness lover knows the important of rest and recovery and Christmas is the ideal time to take a moment to replenish those muscles with lots of turkey and chocolate orange. Now that’s ticked off the list, use January to focus on rejuvenation rather than indigestion. One such tool is a massage gun, think your own personal masseuse, whenever and wherever you need.

You may already be familiar with a foam roller for easing muscle soreness, however a massage gun can not only be a time saver, but also a great investment for anyone who has stiff muscles. This is true, whether the source of those aches and pains is hunching over a desk for more hours than you should, or an intense gym session. The massage guns of old were clunky, loud and heavy, making handling them more difficult than it should be. The new generation are light, easily manageable, much quieter (though still expect some noise), and there are a range to suit your budget. Take a look at, and

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Weighted Arm and Leg Bands

Weighted arm and leg bands can also be another way to take your daily activities to a new level, whether it’s spring cleaning, heading out for a walk or stretching and yoga at home. Add and remove as you needed, a simple way to up your daily fitness goals without taking it to the extreme. If you already enjoy fitness, you can also use these to up your regular regime. They are also very inexpensive, can be easily packed and used anywhere, so whether you are working out at home, in the park or you travel regularly, they will easily fit into your schedule. If you have to have the latest in sportswear chic try or for a cheap and cheerful selection have several to choose from.

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Fitness Dice

Keeping your fitness regime fun and flexible is another great way to ensure success! Making sure that you try lots of different types of exercise and just move your body is the main thing. Keeping it different can be tough, especially where home workouts are concerned. Buy some fitness dice to create your very own fun and varied workouts. Simply roll the dice and depending on the set of dice you choose, the exercise, number of reps or time you do it for changes. Find more suggestions for a variety of home work outs here.

Another super portable fitness idea, you can use them in a group or individually and you will be amazed at the variety of workouts which you can enjoy. Roll them a few times before you start your workout to get your regime for that session and you are set! Who needs a personal trainer? Save your money for fabulous activewear instead! Most sets are cheap and cheerful and can be found at sites like and

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