British cinema has its own class and a great cinematic experience with very different storylines and topics. It has the best movies to watch that will make you think beyond the typical commercial productions and literally make you appreciate the work of all the people involved in the creation of the content.

Here are a few films from BBC iPlayer that are a must watch.

Who would choose Amazon Prime or Netflix when the BBC iPlayer provides a wide range of high quality movies? A great number of movies and TV shows are available in on the BBC iPlayer service and the great thing is you can download them as well.

So get your Popcorns ready and start binging on these epic British Movies!

Kings Speech

Every film lover’s watch list should include The Kings Speech, which won four Oscars and a significant handful of other awards. It does not have a traditional action flicker, and maybe it is the most ‘royally sprinkled’ play in eternity. It nevertheless has a tremendous appeal and an unusual ability to keep you hooked, without anywhere.

The classic UK cinema has a certain attraction, with the characters still dressed in the matin, bars and office rooms to enchant midday spirits and a rare blend of grace and aggression to stroll and talk. The King’s Speech embodies the typical British feeling concealed by sunlight in classics.

My Life as a Courgette

In the opening scenes, I live like a Courgette. The principal character, “I think I killed my mother,” reveals his orphanage in the first few seconds of the animated masterpiece. But it is gently touched and guided along a strange hallway, as in most animated movies. The film includes animated works, such as Coraline. The animated standard is first class, and the bright colors in TV appear to be visual treats for 4k TVs.

In the category “Best animated film,” the film has received an Academy award. There’s no nuanced tale with confusing layers of significance here. It’s a plain, pure charming film.


The idea of Carnage is extremely fundamental. In an apartment, two couples – Penelope (Jodie Foster) and Michael (John C. Reilly), Nancy (Kate Winslet) and Alan (Chhristoph Waltz) – talk of the struggle amongst their children at a playground earlier that day. The Roman Polanski style turns this talk slowly into madness.

The film plays extensively on claustrophobic topics and is a grim comedy, but it just sounds like a drama. In total, John C. Reilly’s and Christoph Waltz’s excellent acting skills make this film a must watch – particularly if you love movies that go on without ever shifting the stage.

You will be missing on these gems if you live outside the U.K, but you can use a VPN for streaming BBC iPlayer and unblock it and many popular British shows and movies from anywhere.

Everything Louis Theroux

The technical films from Louis Theroux’s documentary can best render each BBC video on the iPlayer. To think Louis Theroux creates documentaries is a very unfair. Although he is famous for his documentaries but he also holds probably the largest library of highly successful commercial movies. Each of its famous episodes features Louis Theroux and Louis Met’s Weird Weekend… It’s an hour or more in time.

All his documentaries deal with a variety of issues, including substance addiction, religion and crime, but Louis is all about a subject. His dry sense of humor and beautifully reflective scenes make him the best partner to touch on these difficult subjects. He never “gets this and always seems to be able with a new, unbiased mentality to approach the next guy.

Happiest Season

In this romantic comedy where Kristen Stewart stays with her girlfriend’s family (Mackenzie Davis) for Christmas, Clea DuVall (Veep, The handmaide’s narration), a famous actress and director. She hopes to propose when she is there without knowing that her girlfriend has not opened up about their relationship to her parents. The shiny paper wrapped around the Christmas present DuVall’s cast: Mary Steenburgen, Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza and Dan Levy from the Schitt’s Creek. DuVall told People Magazine, “I’m a huge Christmas fan but I never watched my shop saved around the world.” “A fresh twist on a universal story is felt like the happiest season.”


The content produced by BBC and other British production houses is very different from that of Hollywood, and will certainly get you hooked. The themes and the overall feel of the content is pretty much different and very well structured, you should definitely give it a try and you will feel the difference in the maturity and quality of the content.


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