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My Experience of PassingCisco CCNP Routing and Switching Certification Exams with Exam-Labs

My Experience of PassingCisco CCNP Routing and Switching Certification Exams with Exam-Labs

Cisco Certified Network Professional is a certification that comes right after you have acquired the prerequisite skills for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

June 19th, 2019

Cisco Certified Network Professional is a certification that comes right after you have acquired the prerequisite skills for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). After one has passed the exams, this person might aim at a better salary option and promotion. That’s where you will require the CCNP certificate. This credential has all the requirements fulfilled regarding all the networking skills that are needed for system or network administrators. To prepare, you will need the assistance of exam dumps. Exam-Labs.com is a professional service that provides up-to-date and quality content to practice efficiently.

In this article, I would like to share my experience of passing the CCNP Routing and Switching certification exams.

Before preparing for your CCNPR&S certification exams, the first step is to review your CCNA content and revise all the fundamentals, which you will need to understand the CCNP requirements better. This is very important since theprofessional-level certification examsare built upon these basics that one should have complete knowledge of. You don’t have to dwell too long to review. If you use the Exam Labs services, it will provide you with key point summary of the main themes, which are used to build stronger skills.

Cisco CCNP R&S certification exams:Which one to take first?

The CCNP Routing and Switching certificate is associated with three exams, which include 300-135 TSHOOT, 300-115 SWITCH, and 300-101 ROUTE. It is not necessary to sit for the tests in any specific order, you can chooseit depending on your preparedness. The last two tests include multiple-choice questions while the first one is focused on hands-on simulations. In any case, you will require good study materials for your preparation. There are many resources that can help you. My choice was Exam Labs, which helped me pass my certification exams.

  • 300-115 SWITCH

For a person who had failed the 300-101 ROUTE test with 11 points, it was evident that it’s better to choose another exam to get a good start for the certification process. I’m glad I opted for 300-115. There are so many pros that need to be discussed. Why should 300-115 SWITCHbe the first test?Let’s see.

Pros of taking 300-115 SWITCH exam first

I did much work. I have been learning the essentials, such as STP, VLAN, Inter VLAN for ICND2. That’s what made me take this exam in the first place.At first, the 300-115 exam seemed a bit difficult because the content was not only long but also had greater depth and was full of complex solutions. This made me wonder if I had taken the right decision to take this test. However, the result shocked me when I found out that my hard work paid off and I had passed the first exam. It gave me a boost up for my second feat, the 300-101 ROUTE test.

The route is all about how hard you work and how enthusiastically you perceive it to be. Unfortunately, I had failed my 300-101 ROUTE. Therefore, it was necessary for me to analyze why it was important to take the SWITCHexam first and how to correct mistakes in the future.

  • 300-101 ROUTE

This certificationtest is aimed at testing your advanced networking and routing skills. It is the application of the same CCNA fundamentals that you have learned. You should just deepen your knowledge. The distribution of questions according to the topics is as follows: Network principles –covers 10% of the exam, Layer 2 technologies – 10 %, Layer 3 technologies – contributes 40% of the whole exam, VPN technologies –10%, Infrastructure security – 10% of the exam, Infrastructure services – takes 10%. Now, it is obvious that the Layer 3 technologies topic needs more attention due to its percentage. Distribute your time wisely. In a month and a half, I was ready to take my second certification test. Fortunately, this time, it went well, and I passed it with flying colors. My preparation platform was Exam Labs.

  • 300-135 TSHOOT

If you have passed the previous tests, 300-135 TSHOOT may seem a walk in the park. Its main themes cover most of the content already studied for 300-101 ROUTE. If you have passed your ROUTE test with confidence, you can be able to excel in this one as well. Spend enough time for studying. This can be done with Exam Labs labs available on the website, which can guide you through the essential subjects.

Analysis of my first failing and finally passing CCNP R&S certification exams

Many things have been said about the three tests that lead to the CCNP Routing and Switching credential. There are some points to note.

  • You can choose any testthat you are comfortable with and have better command over it.
  • The percentages show how much of the various topics constitute the exam. However, that doesn’t mean that one has to completely ignore the importance of other themes. My reason for failing the first 300-101ROUTE test was the knowledge gap that I faced when met the questions related to such topics. This didn’t allow me to reach the passing marks.

There are many web resources that can help you with key points and allow you to be a member in their studying groups where you can learn from those who have had similar concerns. You can know how they were able to tackle the problems. The Exam Labs website is a trustworthy option, which I have personally used.


Passing the exam means that you get your certification. Acquiring the credential boosts the career greatly. Therefore, your studies should focus on obtaining those skills rather than just passing an exam. This is vital to your performance in companies, which can help you with your promotion and salary.

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