National Bike Week – How We Ride from Electra Bikes

House of Coco has teamed up with Electra Bikes. Here they share their cycling mantra on riding this National Bike Week 

It’s that time of year where bike fanatics get to strut their stuff, show off their tyres and generally talk about how much they love their bikes for a WHOLE WEEK (13th to 21st June).  Here at Electra we love National Bike Week and all the celebrations of cycling that it entails, to honour this wonderful week we have put together some of the reasons why we think cycling is so awesome.

Here we present, ‘How We Ride from Electra Bikes’ – our cycling mantra!

1) “If it’s sunny we’re cycling!”  It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of August and the UK temps have reached the heady heights of 20 degrees, or if it’s mid-January and bright winter’s sunshine is streaming through the doom and gloom – Electra Bikes were made for sunshine.


2)  “Cycling is stylish – dahling”  Art, fashion, craftsmanship and style all go into the design of our bikes and Electra riders echo this.  Whether we’re hitting the gym or cycling to a pop up silent disco we love to show our style whilst doing it.

3)  “From flip flops to platforms”  Riding doesn’t have to be a sport and here at Electra we feel it’s completely acceptable to cycle to the beach in your flip flops or to a house party with your crew in platforms.  And thanks to our patented Flat Foot Technology on most of our bikes, you are pretty safe doing to!


4)  “Practicality is important”  When riding from A to B it is important to be practical, to be prepared.  A trusty cup-holder strapped to your handlebars serves many a refreshing function, allowing you to enjoy a beer when you reach the park or holding your latte when you’re on the go.

5)  “Cycling is a group activity”  Grab your mates, grab your bikes and let’s go!  Here at Electra we don’t see cycling as a solitary pursuit, we see it as a group activity.  The world is our oyster.

6)  “Accessorize everything”  As Marc Jacobs once said: “Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it” and we totally agree.  We add a little pizazz to our riding with a basket, a bell or a handlebar flower.

7)  “Ring my bellllllllllllllll!  Ring my bell!”  Safety matters and what better way to let fellow cyclists know we’re coming on the cycle path than with a tuneful ‘ring-a-ding-ding’.  Our bells are designed to accessorise our bikes and we love adding that little something extra to our ride.

8)  “Surf’s up!”  Whether we’re in Cali or Newquay if the surf’s up we’re there!  We simply strap on our boards and cycle to the nearest break.


9)  “Green is good”  One of the best things about riding has to be the positive impact on the environment, not only do you beat the traffic but you’re actively helping to reduce your carbon footprint.  Props to all environmentally conscious bikers out there.

10)  “The World is our bike lane!”  From canal paths to fields, promenades to beaches, the world is our bike lane.  You Rock, Let’s Roll…

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