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National Bubble Bath Day

National Bubble Bath Day

Who even knew there was a National Bubble Bath Day?

We are 100% here for it, this Sunday 8th January. Traditionally a cold and miserable winter’s day, the thought of relaxing in a hot steamy bath topped with bouncing bubbles fills us with excitement.

It couldn’t have fallen on a better day of the week. Sunday, the day to sleep-in, chill out, and sloth about!

Whether you opt for a morning bath, an afternoon bath or an evening bath, it is the epitome of luxury when you fill it with scented bubbles.

So, get yourself some bubble bath and enjoy every moment luxuriating in your bath this coming Sunday.

In case you don’t have any bubbles to hand, we recommend the following…

Bubbles For You

Fenjal, Classic Bath Bubbles, £6.90 from Fenjal

A nourishing formula with natural jojoba oil, to smooth and moisturise.

Tisserand, Mandarin & May Chang Uplifting Bath Soak, £14 from Tisserand

Soak in this vibrant sunny scent that has a citrus kick to refresh and vitalise.

Noble Isle, Golden Harvest Luxury Bubble Bath & Shower Gel, £22 from Noble Isle

This bubble bath releases a bouquet of fragrance to stimulate the olfactory palette.

Lush, Peach Crumble Bubble Bar, £7 from Lush

A ripe and fruity bubble bar that produces davana oil bubbles

Bubbles For The Kids

Burt’s Bees, Baby Bubble Bath, £11.99 from Burt’s Bees

For a playful bath time and to gently cleanse your baby’s skin.

Kids Stuff Crazy, Magical Sparkling Bubble Bath, £2.49 from Superdrug

Kids go crazy with this transformation of bath water into a glitter sparkling bubble bath. It’s all about the fun!

Here’s to you, enjoying a bath this National Bubble Bath Day, Sunday 8th January 2023.