Need a Change of Scenery? Here Are Fantastic Staycation Ideas

Whether you are looking for an adventurous, rustic camping staycation, a history-filled island retreat, a fun-packed beach weekend, or a luxury spa experience, we have got you covered. [...]

Whether you are looking for an adventurous, rustic camping staycation, a history-filled island retreat, a fun-packed beach weekend, or a luxury spa experience, we have got you covered. Our four top recommendations for staycations in Ireland cover the lot. From Castle Ward to Aran Islands and Skerries coastal town to Belfast spas, you can find a trip that suits your staycation needs. Read on to get inspired and start planning your local holiday. 

Camping in Castle Ward

This dramatic 18th-century castle in Northern Ireland is not only a great spot for a rustic camping trip but is also the site of Winterfell in Game of Thrones. You can decide if you would rather camp the old-fashioned way, with a tent that you pitch yourself, or the glamorous way, in a premier pod, fitted with power points and cozy sleeping arrangements.

While you are staying at Castle Ward, you can check out some Game of Thrones local filming sites. If you are not into the fantasy world of Westeros, you can go on hikes and adventures to the coast for stunning views and crisp, fresh air. This is the perfect staycation for families or couples who love to explore and be active on their weekends away.

Aran Islands Rural Retreat

The Aran Islands are 3 rocky isles off the West Coast of Ireland. They lie at the mouth of Galway Bay and are well known for being home to some incredible ancient sites. The largest island, Inishmore, boasts the prehistoric fort of Dún Aonghasa, which sits on top of a high cliff. Nearby you will find the Worm Hole, a rectangular natural pool. The medieval ruins of the Seven Churches are in the northwest of the Island. Finally, you can visit Clochán na Carraige, which is a stone structure with a beehive roof that dates back to the Christian period. 

If this rustic and historic Irish island getaway appeals to you, why not make it a weekend trip? You can browse the available accommodation and look online at the restaurants, bars, and shopping opportunities to get excited for your trip away. This is a perfect staycation as you can book an adorable little thatched cottage, a lovely b and b, or a grand 18th-century house and relax in the unique and beautiful holiday accommodation.

Skerries Beach Getaway

If you are looking to escape the bustle of Dublin, you just need to travel 30km north of the city center. There lies the picturesque coastal town of Skerries, located in Fingal. Skerries was historically a fishing port, but today, the quaint little town boasts a beautiful harbor with pretty multi-colored shop fronts facing the sea. Moreover, there is a great line of seafood restaurants by the harbor and a skyline dotted with windmills for your staycation pictures.

At the shore at the lovely Skerries beach, you can learn to kite surf, go paddle boarding at sunset, and watch fishermen bring in their catch of the day. There are ample opportunities to take in some fresh-cooked Irish grub, sip on tasty drinks and take part in other fun activities and excursions from Skerries, such as a river cruise. Your staycation can be tranquil and fun-packed all in one at this delightful coastal spot.

Spa Trip from Belfast

If you are thinking of taking a luxury spa trip and you are based in Belfast, you will be pleased to learn that there are several great options with your name on them! You can look into the various hotels and spa centres in your area and choose the one that is in the right price range and offers the best services for you and your needs. Whether you are traveling solo, with a partner, friends, or family, there is a spa perfect for your own brand of staycation.

Luxury and relaxation are within reach – book today and let the staycation begin. From manicures and pedicures to mud baths and saunas, swimming pools and massages, facials, and afternoon teas, what are you waiting for? When you arrive at the spa of your choice, you will find it hard to believe you don’t go every weekend. 

This has been four top recommendations for staycations in Ireland. These four suggestions cover a range of interests and preferences, from rustic camping to luxurious spa treatments, beach fun, and wild island exploration. Hopefully, there is something here that appeals to you. Your staycation does not have to be boring or too familiar, just because you are not leaving the country. There is plenty on your doorstep that is exciting, new, and waiting for you. Have fun!

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