Things have certainly changed since Covid-19, and education is one sector that has probably seen the most changes to its way of operating. However, the pandemic is not the only thing that has changed the way that teachers and students interact. The overall digital landscape has been evolving in the past two decades, and we have now reached a point in time when the new technologies available to us are quite revolutionary for the teacher-student relationship. Moreover, these solutions also have a big impact on the performance of the teacher and student in their own capacities. These are solutions that both teacher and student can use to improve their skills in many areas, especially when it comes to the relationship between them. #

With so much learning being conducted remotely, teachers and students have found new ways to impart knowledge and learn. The cherry on top is that most of these solutions are either completely free or cost only a few dollars a year. Today, education is no longer limited by financial capacity or physical proximity. Here are a few things all teachers should know about in 2021.

1. Education

If you are in a space such as IT, then you know that things are changing quickly. Every day there is something new to read about, or something new to learn about. However, the same is true for nearly every industry. With so much user-generated information, teachers are hard-pressed to keep up with everything or risk getting left behind. Luckily that is not as difficult as it used to be, modern technology can deliver what is needed straight to our hand-held devices. For instance, you can now become a Mandurah teacher to help students participate in their lessons. With online lessons, you can now study at your convenience. But it’s up to us to internalize it and convey it to students.

2. Communication

With remote learning the norm, the method of communication between student and teacher has become a challenge Even though you might be sharing Google Docs with your students for the actual coursework, your communication needs to improve. Students need feedback to understand how they can improve and as it’s getting harder to give that to them, some teachers are shying away from the responsibility. Luckily, you can literally talk to the student through the digital environment. This is not the same as converting speech to text. It is actually attaching your voice, like a voice message, to the Doc and sharing it with the student. This is not only much quicker, but it is a lot more personal. It helps bring back the human element in this otherwise physically disconnected world.

3. Knowledge

While user-generated information is great in that it gives us a lot of information, you have to take this with a grain of salt. You would be amazed to see how much incorrect information is circulating online, but only the experts can detect it. The average person, who is just beginning to learn about a subject, will not be able to tell if what they are looking at online is inaccurate or not. Especially in more advanced subjects, if a student is studying the motion of an object -it’s impossible for a new learner to tell if the equation is true or not. In fact, anyone could write anything and as long as it is presented properly, people will buy it. As teachers, we need to provide students with solid resources and educate them on how they can find the best information possible.

4. Interaction

Another challenge facing us as teachers is how to filter the good from the bad information even if we are more than proficient in the subject we teach, which adds to the evolution of knowledge in that subject. One of the biggest problems is seeing something new and not knowing how to learn more about it.

An incredibly useful solution is a product called image recognition software. This software can literally tell you what you are looking at. It’s also a valuable tool in class, and you are trying to teach. Other than just telling you what something is, it can show you information about whatever the app sees through the lens. As a teacher, this is something very handy to have on your phone. It’s a very convenient way to learn from the internet.

If you are using digital solutions to get work from students and also hand out assignments and coursework, then consider using an analytics tool. In fact, this tool not only helps teachers but the students as well. Analytics tools can be used for everything from written content to audio files and even video files. It helps you analyze the material in a very statistical and well-articulated way. When you are facing any problem, analytics tools can be an invaluable asset. All of these solutions combined can totally revamp the way we learn and the way we teach. This is the best time to take a step in the right direction.


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