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Nior London is one of those rare finds that once you have tried and tested the goods you will continue to go back for more. The House of Coco beauty team found this out recently whilst reading about this fabulously beautiful brand online, and we are now mostly addicted to all of the gorgeous premium products that Nior has to offer!

Nior is a British beauty brand that launched following a tireless pursuit by its founder Anika, who was looking for a solution to her own personal skin concerns.



Scarred by a rare skin condition in her teens, Anika leapt from natural remedies to ‘miracle’ creams, and onto medical interventions, looking for a solution to suit her unique requirements. However, feeling disappointed by the results she strove to create a bespoke solution herself.

Anika embarked on lots of research with chemists and researchers until she found exactly what she was looking for, and upon finding her own solution, Anika has since developed numerous clinically tested products, introducing them to her luxurious line of body products called Nior London.


Nor London Collection

The House of Coco beauty testers have highlighted two seriously stunning Nior London products, they include; REVIVE and UPLIFT. There are a further three Nior London body products which include RADIATE, REJUVENATE, and ILLUMINATE.


A luxurious, non-sticky body cream designed to reduce the prominence of scars. This little beauty product is perfect for skin scars and stretch marks. By including the active ingredients Regestril™, Regu®-Stretch, L-Fucose ReLipex®, Shea Tris and Hyaluronic Acid, this clinically proven formula not only hydrates and promotes collagen synthesis, but helps improve and restore the composition and appearance of both the skin and scars back to their pre-damaged appearance.

House of Coco absolutely adores this body cream, it glides on like silk, smells like a fruit bowl filled with lemon, orange and mandarin and generally feels like heaven on the skin. The packaging is chic, understated and luxurious.

Priced a £70 for 75ml.


Revive by Nior


This product is Nior London’s cleavage wonder cream. This unique formula helps to create suppleness of the breasts, and it helps to improve the surface appearance, while both smoothing and delivering excellent dermal hydration. The key ingredients within UPLIFT include Volufiline™, Bio-Bustyl™ and Hyaluronic Acid.

This wonder cream is one of House of Coco’s standout favourites from the collection by Nior London. It seems to offer an instantaneous reaction on the skin as our breasts almost immediately seemed more supple. Plus, with the same calming oils as in all the range including lemon, orange and mandarin this product offers something distinctive. And, a touch of lavender, patchouli and vetivert give all Nior’s range that little extra push.

Priced at £65 for 75ml.


Uplift by Nior


This defence cream delays the signs of ageing. The ingredients which help to delay and diminish the signs of ageing include Matrixyl® Synthe’6™, All Q® Plus, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Regu®-Fade, and SPF booster technology meaning that this skin care product improves the skins natural renewal process. The potent ingredients hydrate and re-energises the skin whilst stimulating Collagen synthesis, providing protection against present and future skin damage.

Priced at £70 for 50ml.


An age defence face cream clinically proven to smooth the skin’s complexion and reduce the depth and volume of wrinkles. This product contains the anti-ageing actives Matrixyl® Synthe’6™, All Q® Plus, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Revinage.

Priced at £70 for 75ml.


This face and body cream contains specific ingredients proven to brighten and even the complexion by reducing dark patches. It is a clinically tested cream that contains Reservatrol, Niacinamide and Bearberry Extract to aid skin-lightening activity and encourage protein synthesis for a visually brighter, more radiant complexion.

Priced at £75 for 100ml

To find out more about Nior London, or to purchase the beauty products, to learn more about Anika’s personal story, and to read about the Charity that she supports through all Nior London’s product sales, simply search for Nior London online.
We hope that you enjoy these beautiful creations by Nior London.


Nior London Collection

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