Coming to cities near you, is the latest, most exciting and anticipated experience possible! Drive-in cinemas have always been a thing internationally, however this new rendition of the traditions will involve a spice up of traditions with a completely different atmosphere.According to BingoSites, this event will highlight some of the greatest car virtual bingo events that the UK has ever seen. This scheme is subject to change in terms of dates, however the locations have fully been decided, to a total of 12 spread across the region. Featuring some of the best events from stand-up comedy, to bingo nights for family gatherings in the car and Hollywood’s greatest screenplays. Definitely one event to add to your diary that’s for sure.

The dates currently as they stand are from the 2nd of July, that will run consecutively for 12 whole weeks, meaning the estimation for the drive through events will end on September 27th. The bingo experience will feature traditional 90 and 75 ball games where people, couples and families can enjoy the fun from the comfort of their own cars. Not forgetting to mention that most likely the events will run back to back with other bingo inspired games and a movie to finish off the night! With long summer days that the summer brings, we cannot really imagine a better way to spend our summer evenings, surrounded by our loved ones and squad, we are sure you would agree?

In terms of catering the evenings are fully set too. The inspired cuisine for the set nights involves all American diner style dishes, from extravagant stacked burgers, to sweet and savoury waffles that get delivered straight to your car door, based on the designated slot that you happen to park in. The application that you will need to download to your mobile phone, to ensure that you have full access to the night’s features, food and fun, would be the ‘@TheDriveIn’. This will immediately connect you to the schedule for the evening, showing you the time of the cinema LED showings, the bingo inspired events that will run and any other catering meals (sweet or savoury) that you crave to complete your evening. The app is completely free and does not require many credentials for the sign in and registering process-get your schedule set from now, so you have something to lead up to and look forward to!

Tickets for the evening will be allocated via the app usage FROM May 27th and can be purchased via all major payment links, including the Apple pay feature that is linked to Apple iPhones. Tickets start from a total of £35 per car-and not person, meaning if your car can fit the more people, the merrier it will be, as you will all have access to the features together for one unison price.

The app itself will show scheduled times and the planned showings, meaning you can completely decide which night and evening will work better for you and the audience that plan to attend with you. Not all showings will be the same, so it’s pretty much perfect if you happen to want to go multiple times throughout the 12 weeks, or if you do not particularly fancy an evening of bingo and are more drawn to the idea of having a movie night parked up with American snacks and cosy duvets.

The organiser for the event named Alan Crofton, said that in unprecedented times like these, a way of having some light-hearted fun is just what people need, to lift their spirits up. With the closing of cinemas and other large facilities of entertainment, this will be the best news yet for near and regional communities. For any individuals that are designated national health workers, there are free tickets available by simply signing up to the event and seeing if your name gets drawn out of a raffle. In addition to this, health workers that received free tickets, will also be catered with full dining for the evening and free extra entertainment packs to use throughout their night.

This event is something very eagerly looked forward to and will definitely spice up our social calendars for the summer, that is for sure! With the unsure time scales of the opening up of other sectors within the hospitality and entertainment industry, we are guessing this is the best pick to have and you should definitely grab some tickets before they are gone!


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