New Year, New Wardrobe: The Fashion Girl Guide to Organising Your Wardrobe

An overwhelming closet yet nothing to wear! Cleaning out your wardrobe may seem like an uncomplicated task but that’s another thing that’s easier said than done. House of Coco believe we should all put our fashion foot forward to kick start 2017 and what’s a better way to do that than to rework your wardrobe with an overdue clear-out and reorganisation! Keep reading to see what tips we have in the Fashion Girl Guide to avoid a messy wardrobe this year.



The difficult part is deciding what to keep, sell, donate, bin or even save for another season; and this can be quite an emotional task as you go through the different stages of cleaning out your closet.

You begin with the new buzz and excitement of the new year, new meout with the old in with the new cliché and you find yourself saying things like

 ‘I can’t wait to get rid of all of this crap!’

 ‘This is going to change my life’

Then you tend to get carried away with all the clothes you no longer want

 ‘I never wore this anyway, what a waste of money!’

 ‘I hope I never see this again, what was I thinking?’

Then afterwards when you realise you’ve decided to toss a few too many items you begin second guessing yourself as you look down at your pile of unwanted clothes and start to feel nostalgia.

‘Hmm, but maybe I’ll wear it this time’

‘Well, my best friend bought me this for my birthday’

‘This is ugly now, but it wasn’t when I bought it’

‘I only wore it once but I looked so good in it’

Then the moment where you pinch yourself and realise you’re being silly

‘When will I ever wear this again?’

‘Just get rid of it already’

‘Can I even be bothered to continue?’

Here we go again, you begin to doubt yourself and you realise this is becoming a cycle

‘Maybe if I keep it, something good will happen’

‘Well, I could wear it for that salsa class I never signed up for but am still considering’

At this point you lose focus and become distracted. Go grab a snack, maybe lay down for abit and start scrolling through Instagram until you stumble across @house_of_coco and are instantly reminded that you’re supposed to be cleaning out your closet. At this moment you resume the task that’s now starting to feel like a chore.

‘Well at least I’ve gotten rid of some things’

‘One step at a time’

‘Maybe next time will be better’

Here comes the moment where you inner self whispers mission accomplished and you feel proud and productive.

‘Woooo! Got rid of 5 items, time to buy 10 more’

‘I am a changed woman’ *pats self on back*


Well done! Pat yourself on the back because now that you’ve decided what you want to keep and not keep we can begin re-organising that wardrobe. It’s good to have all your items laid out in front of you – this could be on a bed, on the carpet, just somewhere you can see every item you’re working with and we’re not just talking clothes here, handbags and accessories count too.

Tip One – Velvet Hangers!

These are so handy and inexpensive. They’re slim enough so that you can usually fit more clothes inside your wardrobe, but not only that. They also hold onto clothes well, so no item is slipping off its hanger. Please avoid double hanging items; just purchase more hangers if you run out.


Tip Two – Merchandise!

By arranging your clothes into categories of similar colours, fabrics and types, you’ll find it much easier to throw together an outfit, especially if you’re in a rush. You will also know where everything is or if something goes missing – sister problems.


Tip Three – Keep your shoes visible

Out of sight out of mind, if you hide your shoes you’ll eventually forget what pairs you have and find yourself wearing the same few pairs on a rotation. By keeping them out you’re showing yourself what you have to work with.


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