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Nina Agdal’s Copenhagen

Nina Agdal’s Copenhagen

Ever fancied learning the secrets of a supermodel?

August 6th, 2019

Ever fancied learning the secrets of a supermodel? Well during my recent #TeamCoco mission to Copenhagen with Moxy Hotels, I managed to just that, catching up with Danish export and Victoria’s Secret model Nina Agdal to find out what she loves about the capital and what she misses when she’s in LA…

You grew up not far from Copenhagen; what are your best teenage memories of the city?

I grew up 40 minutes away from Copenhagen but i would visit Copenhagen with my girlfriends for nights out and adventures; we’d get all dressed up, take the train to the city and walk down “Stroeget”, pretending to be cool!

Obviously they are hugely different cities, but do you see any similarities at all in Copenhagen and LA? Honestly, not at all! They are two completely different cities and the vibes are incomparable. LA is awesome, but Copenhagen is a LOT less high maintenance and definitely ‘cleaner’, in all ways.

How often to you get to return to Denmark? I try to get back at least 2-3 times a year, more if I can. It depends on my schedule, but my whole family is there so I always try to make an effort and the time to go see them during summer and before Christmas.

What do you miss most when you’re not here? I miss the energy in Denmark so much! Every time I go back I feel much calmer; it’s just a different mentality. I deal with anxiety and every time I’m home it gets so much better. The pressure and expectations of everything are just normal there, not like in New York where you have to be ‘on’ every second.

Copenhagen has some of the best restaurants in the world, but do you have any foodie favourites that aren’t as famous? Aamans in Oesterbro is known to be one of the oldest open-faced sandwich shops. The hotdog food trucks dotted around the city are the best too so you must have a hot dog there!

What are your favourite Danish foods? There are so many. My grandmother makes tarteletter when I’m home, it’s basically a Danish chicken pot pie and it’s amazing. Any sort of open-faced sandwich and a Danish hot dog!

What would your last Copenhagen meal be? My grandmother’s tarteletter or a hotdog in the airport!

I’m reading a book called The Art of Living Danishly which delves into the theme of Denmark being the happiest nation in the world; what do you think the secret behind Danes’ happiness is? I think life there is just very simple; the lifestyle is very different from anywhere else. Everyone is kind of on the same schedule in terms of wake up times, work times, dinner time, like you wake up knowing what the plan is and you’re happy with it. You also don’t live to work, you work to live. Money isn’t everything and I grew up with that mentality.

What’s your recipe for happiness? Surround yourself with good people who love you for you, have a routine that makes you happy, get a job that makes you excited and do one thing a day for YOU!

Describe Copenhagen in three words HYGGELIGT, clean, happy.



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