Every house has a story. You might wonder about who were the past owners of your house, if your house still has the original fixtures it had at the beginning and if your house might have a legacy. You can find out what you need to know in nine easy ways. Also, see here if you’re asking “where to sell my house fast in Maryland?”.

  1. Listings: You should be able to find important information about your house’s history through its listings. This will help you easily identify your home.
  2. Records: Go through the records for the property, this can help you find certain facts about the home, like those who previously owned the home, who it was sold to, the taxes on the home, and any home improvements previously made to increase the size of the home. To check this, look up your town’s public record if it has one online, the information you need should be provided on the website.
  3. Title deeds: The title deeds of these homes can tell you how old your home is and if it has been renovated, this information may not always seem correct if the permits for renovations were not obtained. It should also inform you, whether the home had properties, like a garbage disposal refrigerator. Local authority planning records, which you can access online can help you find out what changes have been made to the structure of your house.
  4. Land buyer records: These records have the detail of the transactions that occurred for a home and all the information, including who bought it. They keep track of the ownership of lands, from the sellers up until the buyers. Searching through these records will give a clue to the previous owners of your home.
  5. Census Records: Census records provide a long history of information about the previous owners of your home, and this will in turn provide more insight to all the knowledge about your home. You can check the census data for free on the national archives.
  6. Books, newspapers, and magazines: Old books, newspapers, or magazines might have information about your home, you can search online on websites, inputting your location and other details online on certain sites to find a book that may have your home written in it. The Internet boasts of a lot of things, a bunch of old books won’t be hard to find.
  7. Cindy’s List: this is one of the detailed lists on the Internet today, it collects information about family lines and any research about them. You can make use of this site to find out who lived in your home.
  8. Old House Web: is a gathering spot for old-fashioned fans, but its community forum is a bunch for debates (and not just old house remodeling.)

9. Trace your home: If you think you’re in unknown territory? This guide would then be a quick and easy reading of your house’s history.

To conclude, the following methods above are ways you can search up and look for information about your home.


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