No-one likes the tuna here!: Taco Tuesday adventure in Los Angeles

Question! (say it like Beyonce, go on) …. On a Taco Tuesday in central Los Angeles are you going to settle for the local bar’s offering of limp, soggy excuses for tacos or go on a quest to hit not just one, but two of LA’s most gossiped about food trucks?!


Answer: Of course you are going to scour twitter to find these beacons of tortilla joy and take that all important ‘food against the sky’ shot your social media followers are dying to see.

Last week the wonderful team at Discover Los Angeles tipped us off about the trucks we had to visit and so we found ourselves heading up the queue at Korean BBQ dreamland, Kogi at their Downtown LA spot, which is just across from the incredible The Broad (seriously, go!) and the MOCA.

The truck itself looks like something out of the skateboard movies of our teenage dreams, fully metal, covered in stickers and manned by a very efficient team of chefs.




We kicked off Taco Tuesday with a short rib Taco at Kogi BBQ which, at the bargain price of $2.50 was a two bite piece of meaty BBQ heaven. The warming spice of the meat is balanced by the griddled corn tortilla and we’d wager is probably the best thing you can get change on three dollars for.







Our appetites whetted we hunted down our next taco stop; Guerrilla Tacos. You might remember these guys from our interview with head chef, Wes Avila, when he teamed up with Breddos Tacos here in London (see here for more on that). This time we’re visiting him on his home turf, in the iconic, spray painted taco mothership. You’ll always find the Guerrilla Taco truck pitching up outside a coffee shop or wine bar; marrying the street food deity perfectly with a little pick me up.







An aqua fresca and innovative sweet potato taco set us up perfectly for an afternoon of adventuring. Just full enough to trek up to the Griffith Observatory but not too full that we couldn’t entertain indulging in a sneaky little donut on the way!




If you are planning a trip stateside we’d wholeheartedly recommend checking out for all your foodie delights…you can thank us later!





Anna Willatt

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