Pretty much everywhere, drivers are required to carry car insurance –even those who don’t own a car of their own. For this reason, we have non-owner car insurance wherein drivers with no car or vehicle of their own can get coverage for ones they are borrowing, renting, or using at the moment. As long as you have a valid driver’s license, you should be able to get non-owners car insurance. Even during vacations or travel, non-owners car insurance will be there to protect you wherever the road takes you. Here is everything you need to know when it comes to getting the best and most affordable non-owner car insurance when traveling.

Non-Owner Car Insurance in General

Let’s take a look at the basics of non-owner car insurance before diving into the specifics. You already know that non-owner car insurance is for those that don’t own a car but still have driving certification –but what coverage does it include?

  • At least the minimum liability insurance requirements – Nearly every state has their own minimum requirement for how much liability insurance drivers should carry. This pays for damage and injuries that you cause to other drivers. To drive a car without general liability insurance would be illegal.
  • Several add-ons are available – Non-owners are also able to add-on such car insurance as personal injury protection and roadside assistance, This can help extend insurance to damages and injuries that occur in an at-fault accident to yourself and the car you are driving. If you are someone facing alcohol-related charges, particularly for driving under the influence of alcohol in Oklahoma, it is essential to consult an experienced attorney. Drunk driving lawyer can provide you with the legal guidance and representation you need to navigate the complexities of the legal system effectively.
  • Comprehensive and collision insurance are not available – Unfortunately, non-owners car insurance doesn’t include comprehensive and collision coverage as add-ons as normal car insurance would. Collision coverage would insure you for any damages the car you don’t own sustains and comprehensive is there for any criminal or weather damages while the car is parked
  • No deductibles – There are no deductibles for non-owner car insurance, which is the amount you personally pay before you claim is paid out. This is because damage done to the car is largely the driver’s responsibility in a non-owner’s case.

When You Would Need Non-Owner Car Insurance

The main thing about non-owner car insurance is that it assumes you are not a regular driver since you don’t have a car of your own. So, the drives you go on aren’t leisurely –that are essential like commuting to work or running errands. That is why full auto coverage isn’t offered. Here are some circumstances where non-owner car insurance will work the best for you:

  • Regularly rent cars – Rental car companies often offer their own forms of liability insurance at the checkout counter when you come in to pick up the car –whether it be on a business or vacation trip. This coverage is typically charged daily and covers liability insurance. Using your non-owners coverage for a rental car can help increase protections.
  • Use car car sharing services – Zipcar is one such example of a company that offers cars for their members for a limited time before switching over to another one in their network. Since the drivers don’t own these cars, non-owner car insurance will absolutely come in handy. Zipcar also offers their own insurance and waivers. They typically require a deductible of sorts before a claim is filed.
  • Planning to own a car – If you’re in the process of buying or shopping for a car, you naturally don’t own one yet. For this time until you get one, you can turn to non-owner car insurance for your driving needs. This can also help if you plan to test drive several vehicles in the process.

When You Don’t Need Non-Owner Car Insurance

There are absolutely times when non-owner car insurance will not work or be worth it. This can include living with someone who has a car you have regular access to, use public transportation rather than drive, renting a car while one a trip, and if you never plan on getting a car of your own. Non-owner car insurance isn’t designed to fully cover you, but rather to insure the essentials.

Cost of Non-Owner Car Insurance

Non-owners car insurance costs anywhere from $200 to $500 annually. The exact amount you pay depends on the insurance company you are getting it from along with personal factors regarding your driving like with regular car insurance. So, it’s far less than standard car insurance but it’s not designed to replace it if you don’t own a car.


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