Nourish Comes To Leeds

Every time we scroll the House of Coco insta feed we are bombarded with things like #eatclean, #getlean and all that healthy shizzle that makes you think you have to totally give up your social life in order to get abs instead of eating kebabs! But now, thanks to Nourish Leeds our prayers have been answered : We CAN eat clean (or healthier) whilst still dining out with friends.

David Stache, Nutritionist and Founder of Nourish is set to open the second of his Nourish Restaurants in Leeds next month.

The philosophy of Nourish is to provide a healthy fast food option that is accessible and affordable, as well as educating people on what makes a healthy choice for them and their lifestyle. The menu not only lists the ingredients of its breakfast, lunch and dinner options but also their nutritional values, with a carefully considered balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats in every meal.  Whilst in normal fast food restaurants the calorific content of the menu items might cause you to flinch, Nourish pioneers the notion that fast food can indeed be healthy and by the look of their mouthwateringly good menu, very delicious!

gym box

The first Nourish, which opened in Sheffield in 2013 has proved to be a huge success and one which David hopes to emulate with the introduction of the Leeds restaurant at a City Centre location on Bond Street. The restaurant has a cool, industrial chic and eco friendly vibe with interiors modelled from the recycled and reused materials of its previous fittings. Exposed brickwork, scaffold baton benches and walls constructed from recycled timber and glass are all part of Nourish’s concept of ‘bringing the outside in’. With lots of natural greens and artificial grass flooring, there’s a bright, warm and welcoming feel to this place and an attention to detail which is present in every aspect of Nourish; the cutlery is even made of biodegradable potato starch!

With a brand new menu designed especially for the Leeds restaurant, Nourish will not only be catering to people’s nutritional needs, but also their taste buds. David is a qualified nutritionist and knows that many people struggle to eat healthily for many reasons such as ‘not having time to cook’ and ‘not knowing which are the right foods to eat’. Nourish want to solve these problems by not only providing delicious and healthy food, but also educating customers through their menu, blog posts, social media and offering personal consultation appointments with Nourish’s onsite nutritionist.

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David also aims for Nourish to change people’s perceptions of eating healthily, which can often be negative. Although each dish is carefully developed with calories and balanced food groups in mind, Nourish never compromise on flavour and in fact, introduce some very interesting taste combinations you’d never think of trying at home; Green Tea Poached Salmon being top of our list for intriguing taste.

Opening for breakfast and lunch from 7am until 6.30pm Monday to Saturday and 9-5pm Sundays, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the plethora of healthy options, including wraps, sandwiches, curries, salads and superfood boxes available.

Leeds has been starving for an honest, health conscious restaurant. We are about to be well and truly nourished this Summer.

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