House of Coco loves a festival, and Oktoberfest is definitely one of the top classics not to be missed! If you’ve already planned your trip, or were among the 6 million people who went last year, then you can read on to brush up on some interesting facts and traditions surrounding the world’s most famous beer fest… or if you’re now wishing you too could go, this could be your lucky day!

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1. SeptemBEERfest?

Ironically, Oktoberfest actually starts on the 19th of September, which is misleading given the name so don’t be fooled and be sure to book your flights early next year!

2. Munich beer only

Oktoberfest is, above all, a celebration of Bavarian traditions, so the only beer you’ll find during the festival is brewed within Munich’s city limits. Only beers that fit this requirement are considered true Oktoberfest Beers.

3. It is a 204-year-old tradition, but…

It wasn’t originally a beer festival. The first Oktoberfest was held to honour the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, in 1810. Now that’s what we call a wedding party!

4. They’ve cancelled it 24 times


You can’t stop beer pouring! In 200 years, Oktoberfest has only been cancelled 24 times. The causes were mostly due to the war and cholera epidemics. On its 100th birthday, 120,000 litres of beer were poured – that’s about 1,500 bathtubs worth of beer!

5. Nobody can “cheers” until…

…the Mayor says so! Since 1950, the festival has only started after the official gun salute and the mayor shouting O’ zapft is! (“It’s tapped!”) and offering the first beer mug to the Minister-President of the State of Bavaria. Only after that, can the festival start.

6. The hairier the hat, the wealthier the wearer


During Oktoberfest, traditional visitors wear Bavarian hats (Tirolerhüte). The more tufts of goat hair on your hat, the wealthier you are considered to be. (Except nowadays the tufts are synthetic and everybody can look as wealthy or as poor as they like.)

7. Does beer quench thirst

Visitors last year drank 6.9 million litres of beer during the festival, but this record was beaten in 2011 when people consumed an outstanding 7.5 million litres

8. Wine lovers beware!

There is only ONE tent serving wine, and it’s not the place to be if you want to be amongst the who’s who of the party. Instead, you should aim for one of the 14 beer tents, they open in the 9am on the weekends and don’t close until 11:30pm… that’s almost 2 x night’s sleep worth of beer drinking!

9. Paris Hilton is permanently banned from Oktoberfest


She went to the event dressed in a golden and shiny Bavarian Dirndl to promote a brand of canned wine. Locals got the organisers to ban her because they were offended by how she was dressed. Harsh?

10. Keep your eyes peeled

Like all big events, this is a great place for celebrity spotting. Last year True Blood fans had their blood boiling at the sight of Alexander Skarsgard, known as Eric Northman in the show. The event is certainly not short of big names, with Usain Bolt, Katy Perry, Samuel L Jackson and Kim Kardashian, all giving the beer festival a go…

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