Olivia Buckland Talks Confidence-boosting Tanning With Cocoa Brown

As the face of Cocoa Brown tanning products, Olivia Buckland tells us what tanning means to her and shares her top tips for getting a flawless tan every single time… [...]

As the face of Cocoa Brown tanning products, Olivia Buckland tells us what tanning means to her and shares her top tips for getting a flawless tan every single time…

Olivia Buckland was catapulted into the limelight after her appearance on Love Island in 2016. Entering the Spanish villa looking for love, Olivia was successful and met, her now husband, Alex Bowen. The pair coupled up early on before making it to the final and finishing in second place.

Olivia, now 26-years-old, is popular on social media with an impressive 2.2 million Instagram followers and uses her platform to engage with fans and talk about her fave fashion items and beauty products – as well as raise awareness for important issues such as her personal experience with an underactive thyroid.

If you take one look at her Instagram you will see she often flaunts a healthy bronzed glow and shortly after leaving Love Island she started working with tanning brand Cocoa Brown.

She tells us: “It was a dream come true when Cocoa Brown approached me to become Brand Ambassador after I left the villa and I’ve been working with them ever since.”

On her Instagram she regularly shares her tanning tips and talks about her favourite products that she uses to achieve her signature glow. But for Olivia, using tanning products isn’t just about looking tanned – it’s about confidence and skin health.

“Oh, it [tanning] means a lot to me! Who doesn’t feel better with a tan?” she says.


Olivia Buckland has tanned skin and wears pale pink satin pjs and kneels on a bed pretending to pillow fight
All photography by James Rudland

She also promotes fake tan as a healthy way to get tanned skin and personally swaps sunbathing for bottled products.

Olivia explains: “I have a history of problems with my skin so I don’t want to make it any worse by tanning in the sun. I use fake tan because natural tanning ages your skin so quickly and has so many health risks associated with it, plus a fake tan doesn’t ever make you go red, and I am prone to burning!”

Many girls find tanning tricky, dealing with streaks, patches and the chance of looking orange. Olivia has nailed her routine – finding what products work for her and using techniques to ensure a flawless finish.

“Before I tan, I always make sure I exfoliate my whole body using an exfoliating mitt to so my skin is fresh. I put Vaseline on my elbows and knees when I tan, just so that it doesn’t go dark on any dry skin.

“I also moisturise every day once I have a tan to make sure that my skin is hydrated and the tan won’t flake off,” she tells us.

As Brand Ambassador for Cocoa Brown Olivia often shares her favourite products and how she uses them.

Olivia Buckland, in a tight gold sequin gown, poses seductively in an empty copper bath. She has glowing bronzed skin and is displaying a bottle of Cocoa Brown tanning oil in her hand

Olivia said: “My Cocoa Brown Deluxe Velvet Tanning Mitt is my go-to for applying tan to ensure that it goes on smoothly and that it doesn’t go streaky.

“I also use the Cocoa Brown Body Makeup which gives an airbrushed look, especially on my legs, it makes them look flawless.”

And her number one Cocoa Brown product?

“It has to be the 1 Hour Tan in Ultra Dark! It lasts for days and leaves such a gorgeous deep colour. I also love that it doesn’t smell like other tans, no one likes smelling like a biscuit!”


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