‘On The Decks’ – Number 90’S Official Terrace Launch Party

▲ Live Art + Exhibition + DJ’s + Live Bands + Performances ▲

This is a tradition now, every first week of the month is dedicated to Arts at Number 90.

For three days, music, live art & exhibitions are brought together to make you have a great time and share experiences!

Summer is here but it’s London, so you better celebrate it before it’s gone. And do you have a better idea than doing that with music?

Therr dj’s are ready to make you walk on sunshine and their bands will be part of your wonderful journey.

_____________ON THE WALLS_____________

Exhibition by Steve Longwill (UK)

Based in east london Stephen Longwill is an illustrator, artist and graphic designer who combines traditional and digital media to produce his images.

In his series of totemistic animal works he combines strong colour, original repeating graphical patterns with a jigsaw like division of the subject. Whilst the images of hackney and central londons landmarks adopt a more traditional illustrative feel they too use strong harmonious colour and have a detailed contained look and feel.


Exhibition & Live Painting by Bojana Atlija (Serbia)

Bojana is an artists covering many fields within the arts. Her main focus has been sculpture, but recently she has been exploring drawing and wall painting in more depth.

The mediums she is using are diverse. She likes to work with materials, which she can shape with her own hands therefore express feelings and thoughts through it. The way she expresses her emotions could be in the from of a single line on a paper to a massive sculptures.

She is not going after sending a special message to the audience but to give the freedom of the viewer to unfold it’s creativity and senses when looking at her work.

Bojana is an artist who is purely creating her artwork taking inspiration from her own inner self. Expressing her own world through different artistic expressions.

“Most of my executed work does not exist anymore. There is lie down the tendency to create a piece, let it live, be reborn later in some other form or material. In order to nourish the circle of life. I don’t like putting too many directions or direct meanings in a work or text, I’ll rather let spectators to understand the work in whatever way they want to.” – Bojana Atlija

_____________ON THE STAGE_____________

Throughout the day expect some great live acts and DJ’s

Simon Stracey (Boogie/ Cosmic disco)
Carly Foxx (nu disco/funk)

Nicola Cima (soul/funk)
Christopher Foster (funk)
Chris Sussex (funk)

Josh Rawl (funk dj set)
Paul Fluks (soul & funk)

_____________ON THE SCREEN_____________

from 5pm to 7pm
Quarter Final World Cup

from 9pm to 10.30pm
Quarter Final World Cup

from 5pm to 7pm
Quarter Final World Cup

from 9pm to 10.30pm
Quarter Final World Cup



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