Wedding Trends Over the years, wedding and marriage practices have been added, removed, or modified to meet the changing times. Couples are choosing to forego the outdated (and embarrassing) garter toss. More brides choose to walk themselves down the aisle. And even white weddings are falling out of fashion-you can now rent out Disneyland for a private wedding before or after park hours if you prefer a more whimsical ceremony.

These changes may be because plenty of couples now prefer weddings that reflect themselves rather than trying to follow traditions. And given the changing times, these changes are much more practical than following the tradition, making weddings and marriage much more enjoyable for the couple. Here are a few of those trends that are on the rise and probably here to stay.

Silicone Wedding Rings

Did you know that the late environmentalist Steve Irwin and his wife chose not to wear wedding rings? It’s not to make a statement, and it’s for the reason many modern-day married couples choose not to wear rings: it’s impractical with their lifestyle or line of work.

If you or your partner work in industries like medical, manufacturing, engineering, construction, and other industries, wearing a hard metal ring can limit your finger movement. It can also be a safety hazard if your ring gets snagged while working; because of its hardness, it could end up injuring your finger. Silicone rings, on the other hand, provide a safer alternative.

Silicone rings are soft enough that in case of an accident, they can break away before your finger gets injured. At the same time, they’re durable and designed for the shape of your finger so you can safely forget you’re even wearing it in the first place. A pair of silicone rings are a fraction of the cost of traditional metal wedding bands and much more durable than silver-plated or gold-plated rings. The fact that they fit perfectly means that you can always be on the go without worrying your ring will affect your movement.

Money Registries Over Gift Registries

The social stigma of couples living together before marriage is now gone. A 2019 study by the Pew Research Center found that there are now more unmarried couples living together than those who married before living together.

If a couple is already living together before they get married, chances are they already have their own appliances, furniture, and decorations at home. Some couples may decide that having a gift registry is unnecessary because they have everything they need and don’t want the clutter of additional gifts. So, if they have guests who insist on giving them a gift, a money registry is the next best idea.

More couples choose to indicate in their invitations that they prefer monetary gifts over physical gifts. They usually say where the money will go: to their honeymoon, to pay for their home together, to help start their married life together, or to be donated to a charity of the couple’s choice. Older and more traditional wedding guests may not feel comfortable with this new trend, so don’t make money gifts seem like a requirement all guests have to give.

No More Wedding Entourages

Traditions dictate that the bride and groom must have a wedding entourage consisting of family and their closest friends. In the last few years, we’ve seen couples that choose to have over ten bridesmaids and groomsmen each. But for the practical couple, having that many people in their entourage can mean additional costs for the wedding entourage gifts, their attire, accommodations, and other entourage costs that are traditionally shouldered by the couple.

In recent years now that the new normal has made micro weddings more popular, more couples are beginning to see that you don’t need an army of bridesmaids, groomsmen, and flower girls to celebrate your wedding. You can even cut out having a wedding entourage and simply invite your friends and family to celebrate your marriage as wedding guests.

These wedding trends are on the rise as more practical couples are tying the knot. You don’t need a million-dollar wedding to celebrate your love, and these trends can make the wedding and the married life that follows much more practical and convenient, so you and your partner can focus on what really matters in a marriage.


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