One of Those ‘Secret Projects’ You Want To Know About

There’s nothing more intriguing than finding something that only you and a few other people know about.

It’s like you found a treasure map that was in your brain but you didn’t know it was there!

These USB’s are hidden in walls and other surfaces around the world.

Artist Aram Bartholl started inserting them and when you plugged it in you found a “readme.txt” file explaining how the project works.

Bartholl, a Berlin-based artist, started placing the USBs 5 years ago and has since seen others join in and replicate his work, building a large international community.

Locations now include:

Dakar, Senegal



Folsom, California



Salzberg, Austria



Cagliari, Italy



Hanoi, Vietnam



Palais De Tokyo, Paris



Pont Des Arts, Paris












This past summer, a database of the project was started to locate and documenting the hidden USBs.

How about a completely different journey around the world? Or a seriously geeky new way to travel!

Photo’s and original article thanks to Messy Nessy Chic.

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