Orange Elephant Steak Opens in London

Succulent steak cooked to perfection. This is the mantra on which the new Orange Elephant steak restaurant was conceived. Already, we are sold at House of Coco because we love a good juicy steak.

Opening its doors in a boutique area of the Fulham Road, fondly known as ‘The Beach’, in November 2015, Orange Elephant will have no menu, inviting guests to come for one thing and one thing only – delicious 12oz sirloin steak cooked to perfection served with a special house sauce, a side salad and portion of hand cut chips for an impressive £20.

Named after the magnificent breed of South Devonshire cow from which the delicious steaks are sourced, Orange Elephants are the largest of the native British cattle, with their nickname deriving from their wide faces, big ears and rust coloured coats. Alongside the signature steak, Orange Elephant will also serve a mouth-watering, gourmet truffle Mac n’ Cheese for vegetarians as well as the showstopper Tomahawk steak, guaranteed to delight even the most discerning foodies. The huge Tomahawk cut is designed for sharing, served on the bone and with delicate marbelling which gives it an enhanced sweet and rich flavour.

Orange Elephant’s signature steak is carefully sourced from independent British farms, and created from specially selected cuts of quality beef which has been aged for a minimum of 32 days. The casual dining concept will honour the art of the simple steak, adding a finesse and flare certain to tantalise the taste buds.

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Orange Elephant is the brainchild of Head Chef Jai Parkinson, whose penchant for the perfect dining experience has become second nature, following his time working with some of the world’s leading chefs over his 18-year career, including Michelin-starred David Burke (who opened La Pont de la Tour amongst others)  and Julien Maisonneuve (who headed up Tom Aitkens restaurant).

Jai and his team will be using the innovative Big Green Egg barbeques to cook their steaks in order to prepare only the most succulent and delicious meat. The Green Eggs have a clever ceramic design which uses charcoal fuel and is capable of generating an intense controlled heat, essential to properly searing the meat, while roasting and smoking at the same time.  Steaks are cooked exactly how they should be with beautiful cross hatch marks, crisp charred edges and the all-important juicy flavour.

Orange Elephant has spent 2015 selecting its staff and each and every member has been through rigorous training to ensure they are fully immersed into the Orange Elephant ethos. They will welcome diners on arrival adding personality and character to your Orange Elephant experience, whilst being on hand to explain the concept and recommend wines, of which there will be a concise selection of red, white and prosecco as well as cocktails and soft drinks.

Whether guests are looking for a quick, delicious lunch or for long dinners catching up with friends and family, Orange Elephant can cater for all. Interiors are comfortable, with a natural edge and warm lighting to create an elegant lighting. A combination of exposed brickwork, wood floors, pewter table tops and bronze accents will frame the theatre kitchen with Jai and team on full display.


Orange Elephant is located on ‘The Beach’, 351 Fulham Road, London SW10 9TW


The two-course set menu is priced at £20

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