Paleo Diet. The Secret To Clear Skin


The Paleo Diet. The Caveman Diet!

Ever since you were younger you’ll have either been on a diet or heard about people constantly being on diets. And guess what? Nothing works?

First popular in the 1970’s the Paleo Diet itself has had a number of revivals. Right now it’s popularity can be put down to our craving for natural goodness. Constantly bombarded with fast food and processed goods, we definitely want to eat right, but we don’t know how.

And here’s the big secret… Paleo can help acne! We’re prescribed medicine, different contraceptive pills, creams and lotions. We spend hundreds of pounds on treatments like peels and Isolaze… but what we really need to do is cleanse from within. Why is the acne there? You’re not dirty. Yes it’s hormonal but we can help this with our diet.

The name of this diet comes from the Paleolithic era. The Caveman times. The main theory behind it is that we must only eat what a caveman could eat. What he could have hunted and she could have gathered. However, please remember that this is only the basis of it and not a fact that needs to be challenged. Something that annoys the most patient of Paleo followers.

How about eating out? We probably eat out more than we eat in these days but don’t worry, It’s not difficult. The worst place you could go is Italian (pizza, cheese, pasta…) and the best place would be a Brazilian grill such as Rodizio Rico, Fazenda or Amazon Brazil.

Wherever you like you should be able to find something on the menu you can eat. It actually feels great to be a fussy Paleo eater, because you’re following a healthy lifestyle and are proud of it. The only downfall with eating out is that you can’t get as much as you want on your plate. If you need them to omit something from the recipe you can be left with half a dish. Of course you can ask them to substitute… but there’s only so far some restaurants and cafes will go for you.

Most importantly with Paelo for health, weight or skin, don’t forget to exercise. Catch a Zumba class or strengthen with Yoga. Just get to the gym for ten minutes run, 45 minutes toning with weights or body weight and a ten minute run to finish off. Do that at least once a week but preferably 3 times and you and Paleo will make a better team than garlic and chilli!

What’s the harm in trying. Read on and you’ll realize that it makes sense.

The basics of what you can and can’t eat.


Grass-produced meats

Fish/seafood (If you’re doing Paleo for acne, avoid shellfish)

Fresh fruits and veggies (If you’re doing Paleo for acne, avoid tomatoes)


Nuts and seeds

Healthful oils (Olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, coconut)



Cereal grains

Legumes (Peas, beans etc. including peanuts)

Dairy (Chocolate, milk, cheese etc)

Refined sugar


Processed foods (Yes… even your McDonalds Chicken Nuggets!)


Refined vegetable oils


And here’s a few of the great things that you can eat and drink to make life on Paleo easier!

Almond milk (Not rice milk or soya milk). Almond milk original is sweet, creamy and refreshing. Unsweetened almond milk is a very good substitute for dairy milk.

Nākd bars and snacks. Those little bars of fruit and nut will save your life when it comes to your chocolate craving. Chocolate can be the most difficult thing to let go of.

Another great treat for your chocolate craving is Lindt Dark Chocolate. They do a range with cranberries and other stuff in and if you eat it sparingly… you won’t go insane.

If you miss your morning granola, buy a bag of mixed nuts (NOT peanuts. You want almonds, walnuts, and cashews etc). Crush them up and mix with dried fruit. Pour your almond milk over it and good morning star shine!

When you need crisps, just buy nuts. Cashews taste the best but buy salted almonds if you can. Just remember, you’re doing this for a reason. If you can’t live without snacks, buy the best snacks you can for your diet. Just don’t pick up the crisps. Don’t.

Search online for all of the recipes you can make with cauliflower. You can make dumplings, pizza base, wraps, biscuits… believe it or not you can substitute flower for cauliflower!

Banana… the same as cauliflower you can substitute banana for flour. Crazy, but true.

Use Romaine Hearts Lettuce instead of wraps. Seriously, we should do this anyway. Everyone who is eating their flour wraps will be jealous of you.

You CAN eat sweet potato. So have mash, roasted, chipped or boiled.

There’s a also great Paleo app called Paleo Central. It’s great for when you’re eating out or are in the supermarket. Get it here.

Try it, and let us now how you get on on the Fibre Facebook page. 


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