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Pandemic Trends and Pop Culture From Southeast Asia

Have your travel plans been canceled due to this global health crisis? There is no need to worry because we are bringing you to Southeast Asia!

Have your travel plans been canceled due to this global health crisis? There is no need to worry because we are bringing you to Southeast Asia! This region is known for its rich cultures, tropical climate, and good food. Relevant to this colorful culture is the people’s taste in quarantine trends.

Everyone has been staying home during the quarantine period due to the global pandemic. The Southeast Asian region is no exception. To ward off cabin fever, respective individuals have come up with fresh ideas that have trended online. These trends have served as entertainment for the people during the quarantine period. What are these pop culture trends during this pandemic?

Southeast Asian Quarantine Trends

Several trends have popped up since the start of the quarantine period in Southeast Asia. To curb your appetite for travel, let us enlighten you with what the people from the Southeastern region have been up to during the past year.

TikTok is probably the most popular quarantine trend to have happened in 2020. Several viral videos have circulated online due to influencers and even ordinary people who have introduced quirky ideas to the Internet. This includes a variety of new drink recipes and even various types of haircuts. TikTok, with all the dance crazes and everything in between, is an online platform that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Having online parties or “e-parties” has also been popular for the past year. With COVID-19 restrictions being implemented, especially in the Philippines, citizens have been left with no choice but to have bridal showers, weddings, and birthday celebrations virtually.

The famous dalgona coffee was also seen on everyone’s Instagram stories. The recipe originated on the popular digital platform, TikTok. Dalgona coffee, along with making sourdough and other baked goods, had a good run at the start of the quarantine period.

Apart from cutting bangs, people have been preoccupied with a wide range of online trends to try out. What does this mean for the state of the people?

Happiness During Lockdown

This pandemic has been affecting many of us in the physical, emotional, and mental sense. We have been trying to stay occupied with the many online trends simply to ward off cabin fever and to stay sane while locked inside our homes. Have these trends worked their magic?

Thanks to the several online sensations and trends we have been witnessing, they have positively affected our mental health, according to experts. Specifically referring to TikTok as a platform, it has helped users take care of their mental health by maintaining interaction and somehow staying physically active due to the numerous dance crazes on the said platform.

Similarly, social media has also played a big role in keeping ourselves happy or at least mentally stable. Despite the negative news around the globe now and then, using social media to interact and stay connected with friends and family is still a major factor in keeping ourselves mentally healthy.

Despite what others may think about the use of the Internet, the online community still serves a good purpose no matter how we look at it. The online community’s positive effects all boils down to how a person uses the platforms. Social media is merely a tool for interaction. It is neither good nor bad.

In line with this, social media has allowed us to be exposed to different cultures even merely through a screen. How can this benefit us?

Online Exposure to Different Cultures

Online culture has been bringing people closer than ever before. We are exposed to a variety of cultures easily. Communicating with people from all over the globe has never been easier.

Without the advent of modern technology, the face of the COVID-19 pandemic will be completely different. People all over the world will be suffering in many ways due to the lack of interaction while isolating themselves from the outside world. It can also go the other way wherein people will not be isolating because of the lack of proper information dissemination about the global pandemic.

Online culture has not just been a tool for our mental health during the pandemic, but it has also been a means for survival. Information is crucial in this day and age. The pandemic would have been far worse without the digital technology that we have today.

Being exposed to a variety of cultures online is a good way to stay connected to the world despite being physically isolated from one another. Quarantine trends may not be in your usual taste, but they can help you deal with negative emotions. Express yourself while staying safe at home. Jump on the bandwagon whenever you can. Joining in the fun will make this pandemic worthwhile.