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Pedestrian Accidents: Rights, Injuries & Compensation

Pedestrian Accidents: Rights, Injuries & Compensation

Being involved in a pedestrian accident is one of the most unfortunate experiences anyone can go through.

December 3rd, 2021

Being involved in a pedestrian accident is one of the most unfortunate experiences anyone can go through. For the pedestrian, it can be a traumatizing experience as their injuries can result in severe bruises, disabilities, or even death. It’s also a huge ordeal and frightening experience for the driver who bears the brunt of the responsibility since they have to live with the guilt of causing tremendous pain to another person and their family and loved ones.

It may not be much consolation, but the victim of these accidents is entitled to several rights, including making sure the responsible driver gets the penalty that is equivalent to the injury that befell the victim, and a generous compensation that is also determined by the level of injury and its consequences. Here is some of the information you need to know about what happens in case you are a victim of a pedestrian accident.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

There are many reasons why these accidents happen. One of the most common causes is careless drivers. Being behind the vehicle makes you responsible for being completely attentive to the road. Getting distracted in any other situation is normal, but once you’re driving, distraction can lead to losing lives. Another reason is that the driver may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and this is why traffic laws are especially strict against driving under any influence. Sometimes the reason is out of the driver’s hands; for example, the brakes may have failed to work, or the road was extra slippery and the car got out of control. Sometimes the main reason for the accident is that the pedestrians themselves were not paying attention while crossing the street, or they crossed when they shouldn’t have.

To avoid this situation altogether, people need to be fully aware of the rules on the road and strictly follow them. Passersby are also responsible for being careful when crossing the road, because they may be the reason that people get severely hurt, have their vehicles get damaged, or even lose their lives. However, if, unfortunately, you get involved in a pedestrian accident, seek help from a personal injury lawyer. Because the party at fault may not agree to compensate you, or worse, they could even blame you. With an attorney by your side, you can efficiently deal with the legalities revolving around your accident. Consequently, you get to a favourable conclusion and compensation. For more information on this subject, visit here and find your answers.

Each Party’s Rights

Since the pedestrian is more vulnerable than the driver, they’re entitled to be compensated for any financial losses that resulted from the injuries, as well as having their hospital and medical bills covered. Yet, if the driver has done all they can to avoid hitting the passerby but failed to do so, and they’re not at fault, they will need to prove it.

Regardless of who’s at fault, the damages that happen due to an accident can have grave consequences. Each party involved will need to hire an attorney to learn what they’re entitled to and what they should do. Some states in the US have clear road rules to save people’s lives and properties. San Antonio, TX is one of the places where the rules of the road are both clear and strict. There is a pedestrian accident attorney in San Antonio, TX who is experienced in ensuring that victims are fully compensated for any injuries that result from being in a pedestrian accident. You need a lawyer to also prove who’s at fault and understand what you’re entitled to, as well as learn where you stand in the case. There are some cases where both parties share the responsibilities, so your lawyer is the one who will help you out then.

Additionally, in case the driver is not at fault, they may file a case to get compensation for any damages that happen to their vehicle.

Types of Injuries and Consequences

Regardless of which party is responsible for the accident, the pedestrian is usually the one who gets severely injured. The least serious outcome is sustaining superficial bruises. Other consequences can be much more dangerous like a concussion, internal bleeding, or broken bones. Sometimes the accident may result in spinal injuries that can lead to permanent health issues or paralysis. These damages can end up as the person losing their job and not being able to work either temporarily or permanently.

The driver may be injured as well if the car loses control or they hit something while trying to avoid colliding with the pedestrian. They may suffer from slight bruises, but there’s also the possibility of more serious harm due to the hit.

Sadly, when accidents like that happen, everyone has so much to lose. As we previously mentioned, the driver may very well suffer from physical injuries and their vehicle might get damaged, in addition to the pedestrian who may lose their life. If you know anyone who was involved in an accident and is either suffering physical damage or the family lost a loved one, make sure to help them understand what they need to do.



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