Publiq London is more than just your stylish neighbourhood local. Envisioned as a modern public house, Publiq offers sensational British sharing plates, natural wines, and fabulous alcoholic slushies in a casual yet cool atmosphere just a stone’s throw away from Kensington Gardens.

Publiq, helmed Charles Montanaro and Greg Almeida (formerly from Scarfes Bar and Tayēr + Elementary) with Head Chef Emilian Cracuin (formerly George Mayfair and Ham Yard Hotel) was built on a People, Produce, Positive mantra and looks at the positive impact that bars and restaurants has on communities.

Publiq London only works with the highest-quality local producers, and this commitment to good ingredients certainly reflects on the quality of food on offer. Seasonality and sustainability are at the heart of menu, imbuing each dish with a certain kind of charm. We started with the Crudités, a deceivingly simple plate of fresh vegetables and olive oil, with a special sprinkling of spices that delivered a delicate yet addictive flavour. We followed with the beef Brisket Croquets, made from ex- dairy cows, that would have otherwise gone to waste. We also tried the Stone Bass, perfectly cooked and with just the right amount of flavour and served with juicy Isle of Wight tomatoes, wild garlic and bone marrow and chicken juice.

The pièce de résistance however, was the wild sauteed mushrooms with croutons and Pecorino Romano According to Greg, the mushrooms are sourced from a local group of foragers and are different each week. Served with some Pecorino – and seasoned with a special concoction of pickle juice and spices – it was the undoubted star of Publiq’s already impeccable menu.

The cocktail menu is also a masterclass in creative mixology. Paired with an all-natural and organic wine menu, you can spend an entire afternoon simply sipping on the drinks on offer at Publiq. Each cocktail focuses on two to three hero flavours and never overpowers you with sweetness. We sampled the Pink Pepper Aperol Spritz, a glass of the wonderfully zesty orange wine from the Czech Republic and for dessert the very-alcoholic Amaretto and Woo Woo slushie – ideal for those looking for a refreshing way to get quite drunk at brunch.

The restaurant’s aim to inspire people with hospitality and after our spectacular meal at Publiq, we certainly left feeling more inspired too.

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