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Perfectly Curated Love: 15 Compelling Reasons to consider an Oval Engagement Ring

Perfectly Curated Love: 15 Compelling Reasons to consider an Oval Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting task. This is because it is not only a symbol of your love but also a significant financial investment

May 15th, 2023

Choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting task. This is because it is not only a symbol of your love but also a significant financial investment. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to navigate through the different styles to find the perfect ring for your partner.

Oval engagement ring diamonds have captivated hearts for centuries. This is because of their timeless elegance and stunning brilliance. This sets them apart from other shapes.

This unique diamond shape has gained popularity in recent years due to its versatility. This allows it to be used in a variety of jewelry designs. This includes engagement rings, pendants, and diamond earrings.

What are Oval Engagement Rings?

Oval-cut diamond engagement rings are engagement rings that feature an oval-shaped diamond as the center stone. An oval-shaped wedding ring is a popular choice due to its unique and elegant design.

The elongated shape of an oval-cut diamond makes the diamond look larger compared to its carat weight. This makes it appealing to people who want to have a bigger-looking diamond.

Oval engagement rings come in diverse styles and settings. The setting can be a classic solitaire setting. It can also be an elaborate halo or pave setting. An oval-shaped diamond can also be set vertically or horizontally. This will give the ring a different look and feel depending on the setting.

The oval engagement ring has been a popular ring choice for centuries. It has also been seen in the fingers of celebrities and royalties. The oval cut design of the diamond also creates a flattering face-framing effect on the wearer's fingers. This is also one of the reasons why it is a popular choice for an engagement ring.

History of Oval Cut Diamonds

The history of the oval-shaped diamond dates back to the 18th century. The exact origin of this diamond cut is unknown. However, this diamond cut is believed to be developed in Europe. It was created to showcase the natural beauty of diamonds in a new and unique way.

The oval-cut diamond design became famous during the Victorian era. This was when diamonds were always used in engagement rings and other types of jewelry like diamond pendants.

The diamond's oval shape is seen to symbolize eternity and endless love. This symbolization made it a popular choice for engagement rings. This diamond shape was further refined during the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s. Oval-shaped diamonds also became a popular choice for high-end jewelry during this era.

Famous jewelry houses during that time used oval diamonds in their design. These jewelry houses include the likes of Cartier, and Van Cleef & Arpels. The oval cut experienced a resurgence in popularity in the 1960s. This is thanks to the work of a diamond cutter named Lazare Kaplan.

Lazare created a new cutting technique that maximized the diamond's brilliance and fire. This made the oval-shaped diamond an even more desirable choice for engagement rings. It also became desirable with other types of jewelry.

In this day and age, oval-shaped diamonds are still a popular choice for engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry. The diamond's oval shape is known for its versatility. It can also be used for different settings and styles.

15 Reasons to Choose an Oval Engagement Ring

1. No Sharp Corners

One of the best things about an oval-shaped diamond is that it does not have any sharp corners. This means that you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting snagged on objects or getting damaged. Oval diamonds need less protection because of this compared to another other diamond cuts

2. You get more Glam for Your Money

Oval diamonds are almost the same as round diamonds when it comes to the diamonds' sparkle and brilliance. Oval diamonds, however, have a natural elongated shape to them. This feature makes the diamond appear larger on your finger.

Oval-shaped diamonds are one of the most expensive diamonds on the market right now. For this reason, getting an oval-shaped diamond is a safe and smart buy. This is because you’ll get what your money’s worth.

3. Oval Cut Diamond Comes with a Unique Bow-tie Formation

Oval diamonds have a unique bow-tie formation inside the stone. This formation is something that other diamonds do not have. This effect happens because the light does not bounce back and forth in the center of the oval diamond

The light does not bounce back and forth because of the way that the oval diamond is cut. The bow tie effect is one of the many reasons why an oval diamond is beautiful and unique.

4. Pairs well with Most Settings

Oval-shaped diamonds are versatile, you can pair them with most types of settings. Choosing the right setting is as important as choosing the right center diamond. Choosing the wrong setting will cause it to outshine the center diamond.

5. They Appear Larger

An oval-shaped diamond surface would appear larger than a round-shaped one. This is true even though they both have the same carat weight. This is because an oval diamond has a greater surface area than a round diamond cut.

6. Oval-cut Diamonds are Unique

Oval-shaped diamonds induce a classic and traditional vibe. An oval diamond is a modified round-shaped diamond. Because of this, it still has as many aspects while having the same sparkle and brilliance as a round diamond.

7. The Oval Shape Meaning

An oval-shaped engagement ring has different meanings other than love, romance, and commitment. This diamond cut also represents individuality and uniqueness. It also represents breaking boundaries while still respecting tradition.

This diamond cut having an egg-like shape also symbolizes rebirth, fertility, and family. Because of these symbolisms, an oval diamond ring is ideal for couples who are planning to start a family.

8. They are a Classic

Oval-cut diamonds have been in existence for many years now. The oval-shaped diamond is a classic  and was created in the late 1950s and early 1960s. This type of diamond elongates the traditional round-shaped diamond. However, it still maintains the rounded edge which provides greater durability.

An oval diamond being durable makes it an ideal stone ring for someone who has an active lifestyle. It is also a perfect pair with any daily wear.

9. Beautiful Proportions

An oval diamond has a wide array of proportions. The most common proportion is when an oval diamond is 2-3 times as long as it is wide. But, even if the oval diamond is thin or thick, they are still suitable to be an engagement ring.

The surface area of an oval diamond is increased since it is a longer cut. This gives this diamond cut the illusion that it has a greater carat weight. This illusion will also provide a visual impact that other stones cannot give.

10. Choice of Celebrities

A lot of celebrities and royalties have decided to get oval-shaped diamonds for their engagement rings. Celebrities like Blake Lively, Katie Holmes, and Serena Williams got oval-shaped diamonds as a center stone.

Royalties like the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, also opted to get an oval-shaped diamond. An oval-shaped diamond exudes a bit of high society glamor because of the many high-profile names who prefer it.

11. No Oval-cut Diamonds are the Same

Oval cut diamonds are not unique in design but also in their cut. Every diamond with this cut has an individual width and length. Most oval diamonds are cut within a ratio of 1.30 - 1.50 in length to width.

However, oval cuts can still be designed with a longer or wider shape. This all depends on the length-to-width ratio.

12. Oval Diamonds have 58 Facets

An oval-shaped diamond has four numbers of shaped facets. These facets are the triangle, bezel, star, and kite. These facets help the diamond's anatomy to get and expel the most precious lighting environment.

What makes an oval-shaped diamond preferable for engagement rings is its fancy-shaped faceting patterns. This diamond cut sustains and preserves its brilliant reflection in all engagement ring settings.

13. The Best Alternative for Round-cut Diamonds

A round-shaped diamond is much more expensive than an oval-shaped diamond. A round diamond is 20%-40% more expensive than an oval diamond. You can also get more length with an oval-cut diamond compared to a round-cut one.

14. Hides Color and Flaws

An oval diamond cut can hide its flaws. This is because of the diamond's brilliant facets. The nature of an oval-shaped diamond means that you can drop down on a diamond's clarity and color scales. You can do this more compared to other diamond cuts.

15. Bigger per Carat

Do not forget that a carat is a weight measurement and not a size measurement. However, how a diamond looks per carat would still depend on the diamond's shape. For this reason, oval diamonds look considerably bigger compared to other diamond shapes.

Oval diamonds look bigger because a large percentage of their mass is located on their table. Diamonds are seen from the top when placed in diamond jewelry. This is why an oval diamond has the illusion that it is bigger even though it has the same carat as a round diamond.

How Much Should an Oval-Shaped Diamond Cost?

The cost of an oval-shaped diamond engagement ring varies widely depending on different factors. Such factors include the diamond’s size, cut, color, and clarity. It also depends on the ring's setting, the metal used, and its overall design.

Generally, an oval-cut diamond ring would range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The cost can still be more than that depending on the ring's specific details.

When looking for an oval-shaped diamond, it is important to set aside a budget. You should also work with reputable jewelers who will provide you with high-quality diamonds. They will also help in creating a beautiful ring that fits into your allocated budget.

Ultimately, the oval-shaped diamond ring that you will buy should be based on your personal preferences. You should also consider your financial situation. You must choose a ring that you will love and will fit within your means. Remember this even though it's tempting to overspend on a ring.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Oval-Shaped Diamond

There are several important factors to take into account before you purchase an oval-shaped diamond engagement ring. Here are a few things to consider before buying an oval-cut diamond ring:

  • Diamond Quality

An oval diamond's quality is one of the most important factors that you should consider before buying it. You should take into account the 4 C’s of diamond quality. The 4Cs are the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

A well-cut diamond should also have excellent sparkle and brilliance to it. A diamond that has a higher quality and color grade will have fewer visible flaws and will have more color saturation.

  • Lifestyle

You should also consider what your lifestyle is before getting an oval-shaped diamond ring. A lower profile may be more practical if you work with your hands or if you engage in sports.

A lower profile setting would be more practical than a high setting that is more susceptible to damage.

  • Ring Setting

A ring setting is another important consideration. An oval-shaped diamond ring can be set in a variety of ring settings. These settings can be a classic solitaire or an elaborate halo or pave setting.

You should consider the overall style and design of your oval-cut diamond ring. You must also choose a setting that will complement the shape and size of the diamond.

  • Finger Size

The size and shape of the finger that will wear the ring should also be considered. An oval-shaped diamond can make the wearer's finger look elongated. The ring also looks particularly flattering on longer fingers.

However, if your finger is shorter or wider, a different shape of diamond may be more suitable for you.

  • Budget

An oval-shaped diamond ring's price varies depending on the diamond’s size, quality, and setting. It is very important to allocate a budget before making your purchase. You should also work with reputable jewelers, they can create a ring that’s still within your budget.

Make sure to choose a diamond that is graded by a reputable gemological laboratory, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS).

Final Analysis

Choosing an oval engagement ring offers a unique and elegant option. Especially for couples who want to showcase their love and commitment. These rings are versatile, allowing them to be paired with a variety of settings and styles.

These diamond shapes also make it easy to create a personalized ring that fits individual preferences. The elongated shape of the oval-cut diamond makes the diamond appear larger on the finger. It also creates a flattering face-framing effect that adds to its appeal.

The oval-cut diamond's versatility and beauty make it a smart investment for couples. Especially those who are looking to purchase an engagement ring. It offers a classic and traditional vibe while still breaking boundaries and respecting tradition.

Finally, the oval diamond engagement ring offers the perfect combination of sophistication, elegance, and uniqueness. It's no wonder that many couples are choosing oval engagement with the 15 compelling reasons discussed.


1. How is the oval diamond cut different from a round diamond cut?

The oval diamond cut is an elongated modified brilliant cut, with 56 or 57 facets. Depending on whether or not it has a culet. The round diamond cut has 58 or 57 facets. Depending on whether or not it has a culet, and is more symmetrical in shape.

2. Are oval diamonds less brilliant than round diamonds?

No, oval diamonds are not less brilliant than round diamonds. When cut properly, oval diamonds can have the same level of brilliance and sparkle as round diamonds.

3. Can oval diamonds be set horizontally?

Yes, oval diamonds can be set horizontally. This can give the ring a unique and modern look. However, it is important to note that setting an oval diamond horizontally can make it appear larger. This can increase the cost.

4. Are oval diamonds more expensive than round diamonds?

Oval diamonds can be more or less expensive than round diamonds. It all depends on their carat weight, color, clarity, and cut quality.

However, because oval diamonds have a larger surface area, they can appear larger. This makes them a good choice for those who want a bigger-looking diamond.

5. What is the ideal length-to-width ratio for an oval diamond?

The ideal length-to-width ratio for an oval diamond is subjective and depends on personal preference. However, a length-to-width ratio between 1.3 and 1.7 is generally considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing.

6. How do I choose the best oval diamond?

When choosing an oval diamond, it is important to consider the 4 Cs of diamonds: carat weight, clarity, color, and cut. You should also consider the length-to-width ratio, symmetry, and any visible inclusions or blemishes.

7. Are oval diamonds good for engagement rings?

Yes, oval diamonds are a great choice for engagement rings. They are durable and versatile, and their elongated shape can make fingers appear longer and more slender.

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