If you are planning an exciting upcoming trip, personal safety and self-defense are important factors to consider. Most travellers take some measures to feel safer while traveling as no part of the world is above crime, unfortunately. Personal safety can be an extremely concerning factor when traveling abroad or even to a neighbouring region, especially if you will be traveling alone. While it’s no secret that random violent crimes are unfortunately prevalent in most areas’ major cities, there is hardly an entirely crime free area out there. Even though you can research crime statistics and plan to venture to supposedly safer places, you should still kit yourself out with these personal safety essentials that will keep you and your valuables safe while traveling.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray devices are available in a wide assortment of variations as some are compact enough to fit onto your keychain. Size isn’t the only varying factor when purchasing pepper spray, as some boast a direct line spray while others cover more area. Before buying a pepper spray, it is a great idea to evaluate online ranges and compare device features and functions. More often than not, a compact pepper spray is suitable for travel. The type of release action is also an essential factor as you should be able to quickly and easily rely on your pepper spray in an emergency.

Anti-Theft Backpack

Anti-theft travel gear is absolutely incredible. While such ranges will include an assortment of anti-theft equipment, backpacks in specific are exceptionally practical. These types of backpacks have a variety of features that will deter instances of theft effectively. When looking for a suitable anti-theft backpack, it is best to look for features such as a security zipper, an adjustable strap to fasten to stationary objects, and a removable pouch that acts as a portable safe for all your valuables. These backpacks have been designed to enhance personal safety for travellers, so investing in a quality anti-theft backpack is a wise decision if you travel often.

Door Alarm Devices

A door alarm device is compact and practical enough to carry with you at all times. If you have ever felt slightly uncomfortable in a hotel room while wondering who might barge in through the door at any minute, purchasing a door alarm is a great idea. Most portable door alarm systems work with magnets that trigger a sound when not aligned with one another. They are effortless to fit onto any door, and they are also extremely affordable. Bringing a door alarm with you on your travels will help you sleep with peace of mind even when you are far away from the comforting security of your home. You can also use these devices to secure your backpack, as the alarm sound is often enough to deter thieves.

Emergency Contact Devices

There are a few wearable safety devices that can be synced to your smartphone. While these devices are worn like a watch or bracelet, pressing a simple button on the device will send out emergency messages containing your location to your chosen contact list. These devices were initially designed for women, although there’s no doubt that their function can benefit anyone when traveling. A simple safety bracelet device could save your life when traveling. These devices are available in various forms, as you can find smart safety accessories such as pendant necklaces, watches, bracelets, and even keychain tags that all serve as hidden safety features. Be sure to opt for an emergency contact device that is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day and practical enough to access when you need it most.

Compact Flashlight

A flashlight is convenient to have, and especially if you are in danger. As a large camping flashlight won’t do for travels, it is best to invest in a quality compact flashlight with rechargeable batteries and is more than bright enough. Even if you don’t consider a flashlight as a safety essential, it is best to bring one along to be as prepared as possible. You can use a flashlight device to set off intruders, which is just one of the many reasons these simple things are quite beneficial to safety. There are some variations of flashlights that heighten personal protection, such as safety torches with added shock effects; functioning as both a flashlight and a taser at the same time.

Stun Gun

A stun gun is the perfect travel protection device if pepper spray doesn’t appeal to you. While there is some concern regarding stun guns’ lethality, opting for a lower voltage device is ideal. The shock will be enough to disable attackers for a few moments, allowing you to get away from the situation safely. Stun guns are also available in various designs and sizes, so you will want to consider features and comfortability before making a purchase. This type of safety device should be kept on you when traveling, so compact versions are usually best. It is best to keep your stun gun inside your pocket, on your keychain, or inside a carry bag.

Tips To Stay Safe While Traveling Solo

Regardless of your gender, age, and other physical factors, you don’t have to feel unsafe while traveling solo. While opting for the above-mentioned safety essentials will enhance your ability to protect yourself and your valuables while away, there are other ways to further enhance safety. Being vigilant is a crucial factor in personal protection, as merely being aware of your surroundings is often enough to identify potential danger that may be lurking. Keeping safety essentials on you at all times is also essential.

Moreover, it will only benefit your travel experience to sign up for self-defense classes near you or find online alternatives. Self-defense classes will help improve your awareness, strength, and ability to think in dangerous situations. However, self-defense classes vary quite drastically, so be sure to sign up for a class that makes sense to you. It won’t help to sign up for jujitsu classes if you hope to learn self-defense basics in a hurry.


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