Personal Tips on How to Make Travelling Easier and Safer

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Even for the most experienced travellers, travelling can be a bit of a hassle. Sure, exploring the destination city is a lot of fun, but you need to go through a lot of trouble to get there. Don’t even get me started on airport security and the long waits before boarding.

I talked to a lot of colleagues who also love to travel over the years and I (accidentally) picked up a few handy tips that make travel easier and safer. The tips we’re about to cover in this article are great ones you can try right away.

Invest in a VIP Airport Service
Yes, TSA Precheck is a good investment to make. It’s an $85 service that will save you hours throughout the year. Getting preapproved means you don’t have to take off your shoes or take out your laptop every time you enter an airport.

There are similar services that cover international airports too. You still have to go through security in most cases, but you’ll have the ability to skip the line altogether. Some services even offer VIP lounge access and a separate immigration line. If you fly a lot, investing in a VIP airport service is definitely a good idea.

Frequent Flyer
A lot of frequent travellers don’t really take advantage of the frequent flyer programs available; I didn’t either, until very recently. I used to search for the most affordable option (or the most convenient one in terms of schedules) when booking flights.

As it turns out, sticking to one airline whenever possible and collecting frequent-flyer miles leads to some serious perks. Free upgrades to a higher class, access to exclusive lounges and priority check-in at supporter airports are just the start.

Change Certain Habits
There are also unique customs to follow, regulations to adhere to, and limitations to keep in mind when you’re travelling to a new place. The habits you bring from home aren’t always the best. Making small changes can help you travel conveniently, no matter where you go.

Vaping is an interesting thing to try. You can vape almost anywhere and you can even connect with the locals better when you share a love for vaping. A friend of mine ended up exchanging vape flavours and making new friends in Bali, Indonesia because vaping is a huge hit there.

Pack Your Smartphone
While there are plenty of apps and web services to help you travel better, some of them should always be on your phone for maximum safety and convenience. Last-minute booking apps like Hotel Quickly, for example, can save you from getting stranded should an Airbnb host suddenly cancel your reservation. Ride sharing apps whose services are available at the destination city are also handy since they can help you avoid common taxi scams and other potential problems.

As you travel more, you will also develop handy tips that make travelling easier and safer. The ones we covered in this article are perfect for those of you who are just getting started. If you want more of these simple tips, be sure to log in and leave a comment down below. Have a nice trip!

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