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This month, while short, is taking its sweet time! We are missing our friends and Zoom calls are wearing thin. [...]

This month, while short, is taking its sweet time! We are missing our friends and Zoom calls are wearing thin. What better time for a pick me up to send your friend – maybe twin with them and get one for you too?

Earrings for the next virtual cocktail hour

Imagine how lush it’s going to be when you can go to meet your bestie, in a hotel lobby, wearing these earrings and spy her wearing hers as you go in for a hug.

I said it. HUG.

MAMATER is a play on the French for Mother Earth. Their ethical roots and emotive designs make for perfect pick-me-up that doesn’t break the bank.

We’re after the Malou Petite Hoops No. 2 which take their design from flat sea urchin which is said to be the gold coins lost by sea mermaids. Who couldn’t do with more gold coins right now? These beauties are only £29.

Glassware to make you feel fancy

You know what cheers me right up on a grey morning – a cute glass or mug. As we slowly move into spring, I want my tableware to meet me there.

Matching glasses for your next catch up could be the perfect pick-me-up to transport thoughts to sunny catch ups outside and the meadow range from glass designer Emma Britton are just right.

Starting from £7.50 a glass to £33.50 for 2 tumblers and the cutest carafe.

Sustainable Self Care

Okay, big title and there’s so much more to self-care than beauty treats – but, it’s a good place to start.

Circla’s mission is reuse not single use and they bring together some of the most innovative and beautiful brands like Upcircle on one platform. As a response to their business – and all our lives – being turned upside down by COVID, they started curating and sending out dinky self-care boxes at less than £9. In the olden days, you wouldn’t have even got a Pret lunch for that.

Something for the boys

Sure, it’s because the ladies have been marketed to for so long that there was a market for all these pick-me-ups with a feminine skew. Men have been left behind somewhat with few options for lower cost, good quality and good-in-general pick me up options.

New sustainable clothing platform Coalo (a B Corp themselves, whoop) curates premium pieces from eight ethical suppliers with timeless appeal. A pick-me-up with purpose, if you will. Coalo vets all products to ensure they employ design thinking in the making of their clothing, creating an end product that lasts and is repairable.

Unusually for the field of sustainable clothing, there are lower cost good quality pieces here, like this tee for only £30.

Don’t let your (favourite) bar run dry

Tayēr + Elementary opened their bottled cocktails ‘/ Off Licēence/ ‘ from London’s Old Street to keep going while closed during COVID. Their limited edition cocktails come with beautifully gender-neutral branding and exotic flavours that you need an expert to have blended for you.

Remember how much money you could casually spend in a cocktail bar? Invest that now in keeping wonderful places like Tayēr + Elementary in business and treat yourself and a buddy to the escapism that the perfect spirit drink provides.

Get in there quick for one of their 300ml serves of Valentine’s Limited Editions for £30.

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