This year has been a tricky one for sleep. Even those of us who tend to be out like lights have found trouble drifting off. Luckily, cult wellness brand Olverum have developed their scientifically helpful – and delicious – Restful Sleep Pillow Mist.

Olverum was founded back in the 1930s and is still run by the family today. Their small but perfectly formed collection of sumptuous products are sought after by many (including the British Royal Family) for their luxurious scents and also their health benefits.

Olverum’s Restful Sleep Pillow Mist is a new formulation with four layers of aromatherapy support for a good night’s sleep.

Unlike too many tired and sickly sweet pillow mists, Olverum’s offering is complex and fills linens and bedrooms with an alluring scent. Working alongside the classic lavender, in this case High Altitude Lavender, we have geranium oil which helps slow heart rate, Bergamot which elevates your mood as you snuggle down and Roman Chamomile, a natural hypnotic.

Even after all that science, I can attest that this pillow mist works. On first use, I spritzed my pillow and sheets and, while noticing the mist’s delicate but interesting scent, gradually nodded off not waking until the morning.

Olverum Restful Sleep Pillow Mist RRP £25 for a 50ml glass bottle.

To find out more about Olverum’s collection, head to Olverum’s products are also available to purchase at Space NK.


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