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Pimp my desk: February Edit

Pimp my desk: February Edit

Here are 5 desk items that are making my February that little bit brighter...all with a slight sustainability edge because I'm not a monster!

February 5th, 2021

Hello. Hi. Anna, Production Editor here.

I have never been so very glad to see the back of January. Already in this month the days feel that smidge longer, the air that bit fresher and the space I spend c. 40 hours a week staring at is looking that bit more creative. The latter is because I’ve taken on an unofficial 2021 resolution to keep pimping my desk and making that work-life balance work for me.

Here are 5 desk items that are making my February that little bit brighter…all with a slight sustainability edge because I’m not a monster!

  1. Peach Terrazzo Bin and Tissue Box, Crack-Pots.co.uk, £65

Even after working remotely for House of Coco for half a decade, my desk still becomes a state by Wednesday afternoon. Lockdown life has really reminded me of being a teenager and resisting tidying up and then realising that my mum was right all along when I feel much better after a quick spruce.

I wasn’t sure how much joy this beautiful but practical set from adorable home made brand Crack Pots would bring me. I shouldn’t have doubted it. Their cheerful creations are crafted from recycled FSC Certified wood.

My desk is tidy – and my mind is getting there. Feeling like Elle Woods in terms of cute organisation is my February vibe. Pass the scented paper.

2. Juniper & Cassia Bark Gin Botanical Candle, SilentPoolDistillers.com, £22

When it’s starting to get dark and the craving for a G&T gets real….and an unexpected Zoom gets booked in; I reach for this candle from delicious gin distillery, Silent Pool.

Each candle is made using an upcycled Silent Pool Gin bottle so we’re doing something good here, folks. The flavours draw from the 24 botanicals in the gin and the cedar wicks make for a comforting, crackling, fireside glow. You, too, can channel the calm of a country pub when wading through project meeting notes!

3. Wanda Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter, LiveWanda.com, £29.95 (carafe + filter)

Ugh, tap water. That could be all I write for this one, right?

Live Wanda is a London based start up which cares about providing an eco-friendly source of tasty tap water.

Bamboo charcoal is incredibly porous, great at trapping impurities and fully compostable when you are done with it. Pairing the Wanda Bamboo Charcoal with the sleek carafe they designed with British designers Ralli Design is enough to make me want to stay hydrated.

4. Flight Socks, AwayThisWay.com, £22

I promise that I’ve not lost my mind. I was so excited to get my hands on these cosy, long compression Flight Socks from This Way – who ‘create travel products and guides for your journey to make it more sexy and convenient.

While my next long haul flight might be a while away, I’ve read some interesting articles about how compression socks can help if you get stuck sat at your desk for too long. If nothing else, they are damn cute.

5. Dark Chocolate Subscription Box, WilliesCacao.com, £18/month

What is February without chocolate? Or lovingly sent parcels?

With dark chocolate this pure and an all vegan selection, the Willie’s Cacao subscription box is the perfect thing to have on hand when you need a desk based pick-me-up.

Each month, you’ll get 10 specially selected chocolate bars, all in inividual beautiful packaging. So, if you did want to share the love and post one through your friend’s letterbox you can.

Or you could just eat them all yourself. No judgement here.

Anna Willatt

Anna Willatt

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