Pink Hairstyles For Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink October may be drawing to a close, but it doesn’t stop there – raising awareness for breast cancer is an all year-round thing. Fun runs, sponsored events and wearing pink are all brilliant ways to contribute to the fight against breast cancer, but how about getting experimental with your hair?

Pink hair?” we hear you cry! Whether it’s temporary or permanent, putting a flash of pink into your life will bring you joy and help you raise awareness for such an important cause. You can make it edgy, make it girly – just make it authentically you!

The Prep

If you’re going in for the plunge and getting it permanently dyed, then there are some preparation tips you need to know before putting your hair through the intense steps of bleaching and dying. We highly recommend clarifying your hair before heading to the salon and getting rid of any build up – whether it be previous hair colours or just old product, give your hairdresser a clean canvas to work with! Your hair will thank you for it!

Another crucial tip, don’t wash your hair the day of the appointment, but a few days before – you’re not giving them greasy locks, but with all the treatment your hair will face, shampooing and conditioning it an hour before your appointment is going to shock it all the more and eventually create damage. You are already putting it through some damage by dying it – don’t make things worse!

Pink Bob

If you’re worried about pink being too girly for your aesthetic, make it a pink bob! A blunt cut with a hint of fringe is the perfect way to roughen up a feminine shade! Add a texturizing mousse to give it that extra volume. This cut screams Parisian vibes and is timeless, whilst the pink will make it modern, fresh and of course help raise awareness for an important cause – triple win!

Pink Hair Chalk

If permanently dying your hair pink seems daunting, then you can always go for something a little more temporary – hair chalk is great fun, easy to use and with the right product choices, is also non-toxic, so you can also protect the environment! We have all lusted over voluminous curls on Pinterest with multi-coloured hair chalks – now is your chance to show off your skills and get the look!

Pink Crown Braid

There is something so romantic about having your pink hair in a crown braid – feminine and almost princess-like. This is a great way of making your pink locks work for an occasion like a wedding or a formal gathering. We would add a few hair rings and slides in silver tones to compliment your new hair shade.

Pink Ombré

Avril Lavigne made it work in 2007, and we are still making it work in 2019! We love the edginess of an ombré going from blonde to a pastel pink, it has a little bit of a punk vibe, and looks great straight or curly! Although it requires a little more maintenance, it is worth the trouble – people will stop and stare, and admire your hair!

Pink Retro Hair

Think rockabilly – your bangs curled back into a quiff, Hollywood siren curls, wouldn’t it look rather fabulous in hot pink? This kind of look would be perfect for colour clashing with your outfits and would also be very eye-catching! Match your lipstick to your hair and you’re ready to go!

Pink Ringlets

For naturally curly hair ladies, dying your ringlets pink looks edgy and unique. There’s something so masculine-feminine about it that we adore! Use a mousse to scrunch up your ringlets and give them the extra bounce they need and deserve.

Pink And Purple Hair

If you can’t make up your mind – choose both! For those who love to play with colour, a purple balayage in your vibrant pink hair is the perfect way to raise awareness during Pink October and beyond! Alternatively, you could choose a purple to pink ombré starting from a bright purple shade and falling into hot pink with lighter ends.

Harajuku Vibes

Layered hair with a blunt cut fringe is another way of styling your pink hair – with the colour, the whole look gives off Harajuku vibes. Cute, girly and fun, you’ll love rocking this hairstyle with a cute beanie in the chillier months. Use a mousse to give your fringe plenty of oomph!

Pink Space Buns

Space buns are an adorable way of embracing the playfulness of pink hair. With your new hair shade, it will create a 90s look that everyone will want to copy! It’s an easy, hassle-free hairstyle that you can do for your next night out or just for an everyday casual look with a few cute hair slides. Who said amazing hair was unachievable?

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