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Planning A Road Trip Around The UK With Friends: Tips For Young Adults

Planning A Road Trip Around The UK With Friends: Tips For Young Adults

Brits have fallen in love with their country again in recent times, and staycations have soared in popularity.

March 18th, 2022

Brits have fallen in love with their country again in recent times, and staycations have soared in popularity. Fortunately, the United Kingdom is home to many motorways, A-roads, and country lanes with picturesque views of the landscape, and people here are friendly and welcoming, so it’s an ideal place for a road trip with your friends.

When planning a road trip around the UK with friends, consider using Rentola UK to find the perfect vehicle that suits your group's needs and adds convenience to your adventurous journey.

You’re only young for a short period of your life, so go and make the most of it by exploring everything you can. We came up with this piece to provide tips for young adults on planning a road trip around the UK with friends. Continue reading to discover more.

Know The Landmarks You Want To Visit

You will waste a lot of time, energy, and car fuel if you don’t plan your trip properly. You must make an effort to visit landmarks close to one another, and it makes sense to do it that way. Before setting off on your road trip across the UK, take out an atlas or have a thorough scroll through Google Maps to help you plan your route as efficiently as possible.

Knowing the specific landmarks you want to visit as a group is a good starting point to help you coordinate your journey. What takes your fancy? The UK has a wide range of iconic historical landmarks and natural beauty spots for you to discover. You will be spoilt for choice.

Make Sure Your Car Is Up To It

You must make sure your car is in a good state of repair and entirely up to the task of completing a road trip around the UK before you hit the road. Is your MOT up to date? The last thing you want to do is to be faced with having to call for emergency assistance on a remote countryside road and spend hours waiting there.

You may even see your road trip as a good excuse to buy yourself a new car. Do you have a poor credit score and worry about your bad credit preventing you from being able to purchase a new car? Learn more here about how to get bad credit car finance at an incredibly low price with credit broker experts ChooseMyCar, who can provide you with useful information and resources.

Having a bad credit rating can sometimes be a pain. However, as long as you’re resourceful and make an effort to think outside the box a little, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy life and still buy the things of use to you despite having a poor credit rating. If you’re unsure whether your current car is up to the job of safely getting itself through a road trip across the UK, don’t chance it, hire a rental car, put yourself on someone else’s insurance, or buy a new vehicle altogether.

Sort Out Your Accommodation Plans

Road trips can undeniably be exhausting endeavours that leave you feeling shattered at the end of every day. So, during your trip around the British Isles by car, you will need places to get a good night’s sleep to give you a welcome relaxing break from travelling. Think about the type of accommodation you and your fellow road trippers are looking for. Do you want to stay in hotels? Friendly bed and breakfasts? Perhaps you would like to sleep in youth hostels? Why not be adventurous and brave the elements to try a spot of camping? Before hitting the road, try to make arrangements regarding your accommodation along the route as much as possible. Driving while tired is also dangerous and no fun at all, so don’t overlook the importance of booking suitable accommodation to get in as much kip as possible before you set off again the following day.

Be Responsible And Use Your Common Sense

Nowadays, there’s a lot more awareness amongst the public about the dangers of speeding, drink drinking, and car safety in general. Nevertheless, that’s not to say that many young people in the UK don’t still have serious car accidents every year.

Try and have the best time possible with your friends on your staycation road trip, but don’t forget to be responsible and use your common sense. For instance, if you’ve consumed a lot of alcohol last night and carried on well into the early hours, then you definitely shouldn’t, under any circumstances, jump into your car and start driving the following morning.

Drink driving will put you, your friends, and other motorists at significant risk of life-changing injuries or even death. Hopefully, during this adventure, you will create unforgettable memories with your pals that you will all look back on with great fondness in a few years. When driving, be smart and prove that you’re capable of acting like a responsible adult on your road trip.

Road trips are the perfect opportunity to make amazing lifetime memories with your friends. Living a fulfilling life is all about experiences and making the most of our time on this planet.



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