Happy? Calm? Overwhelmed by your ‘to do’ list? In today’s frantic world anxiety is always current, but your home shouldn’t contribute to it. “In the modern world it is more important than ever before to create a serene and peaceful space which lets you recharge.”

In her new book, Home In Harmony – Designing An Inspired Life, out today from Hay House,” O’Leary uses her knowledge of psychology, design and green dwelling to help readers shed their toxic lifestyles and transform their home into a relaxing space and, subsequently, live a more joyful life.

Below, she shares a Number of her simple solutions for creating your own sanctuary:

1. All rooms are important: Whether it is a space you haven’t completed decorating or the family catchall, it frequently feels easier to close the door on those rooms and cope with them another day. Regrettably, they weigh in your subconscious and zap your energy they are essentially a job left undone. Create home stability by making each space on your home motivated. Home equipment is always important to have in a home which according to OnlyReviews can help lighten up your rooms in no time.

2. Conquer Clutter: Clutter creates physical and unconscious insanity. Not only can it leave you scrambling to locate the keys because you are racing out the door but it may weigh you when you are sitting at your desk 20 miles off. When it’s ready to burst from behind cupboard doors also it’s these piles of paper on the dining room table, it is time to tackle the actions and tame the strain it generates.

3. Colour: Shade impacts you in an emotional, psychological and physical level. Studies have shown that color can change body temperature and appetite. It may affect your mood or degree of energy. Begin to become aware of how different colours impact you before deciding what color to paint your walls.

4. Remove Bad Mojo: You most likely have memories associated with your sofa or the image on the wall. When the associations are negative these reminders may drain you. Be aware of the things in your home that are connected with undesirable feelings. By eliminating this”bad mojo” you’ll be one step closer to creating a serene space.

5. Positive Vibes: Start to add things from interesting excursions that can remind you of great times and uplifting people. These things will give you an increase and nurture and inspire you as you proceed through your house and life.

6. Sanctuary Slogan: Decide what qualities, attributes and atmosphere you want to create and name it–this is the”Sanctuary Slogan”. We all have unique needs that our environment can support us in fulfilling; start to ascertain how your environment can support you. Place this motto in a place that will serve as a daily reminder to help you stay focused on your ideal life and home.

7. Nurture Nature: Innately as people we’re designed to love the natural beauty around us. This is particularly true in nature. By incorporating natural elements into your space you feed the intrinsic yearnings deep within you which foster a sense of inner calm and peace. Bring in a wood turned into bowl, fountain or acorns to promote a space of calmness.

8. Plant Power: Not only can it be an additional method to bring nature into your home, in addition, it will help to wash and re-oxygenate the indoor atmosphere. Adding plants into your style will help to get rid of the noxious off-gasses from many products providing you a serene sigh of relief.

9. Welcome Windows: We are living in a toxic soup which may create disharmony and disease.

10. Technology Zones: Allocating spaces to play, rest and operate in will allow you to intuitively move from one action to another with ease and elegance. Design a design within your home with designated areas for various activities. This produces an automated signal to your subconscious informing you that it’s time for a particular activity. This will help to build a space that supports balance and stability.

11. Take Action: It is easy to become overwhelmed with the to-do’s of daily living in the modern world. Adding in items that need to be done around your home can be wearisome. Take a moment to reflect on what you would like your house and lifestyle to look like and begin by taking small steps each day to make a serene and peaceful home. Remember that little steps will make you closer to your goal than inaction.


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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