Pregnant Women Can Have Perfect Roots!

With Blake Lively expecting and both the Duchess of Cambridge and Liv Tyler having second babies on their way, they are all bang on trend adding to the biggest surge in pregnancy the UK has experienced since the ‘Boomer’ generation. Whether the bump is a VIP or not, pregnancy comes nine months of a long and ever increasing list of pregnancy no-no’s…no sushi…no soft cheeses…and no hair colour!

You might be able to live without the Futomaki and ‘fromage’, but who wants to look in the mirror and be faced with roots and regrowth for at least nine months?  Luckily for expectant mums and new mums everywhere, now with Color Wow Root Cover Up (£28.50) perfect colour doesn’t have to take a pregnant pause. First-to-the-market, Root Cover Up has a dye-free, fume-free, worry-free formula that makes it the perfect solution for expectant and new mums who want to avoid hair colouring during pregnancy or simply don’t have the time for regular salon visits.


Joseph Cincotta, PHD, Executive Vice President, Product Development for Color Wow, demystifies some of the confusion about hair dye and pregnancy.

Q: Are there any ingredients in hair dye that pregnant women should avoid and why?

A: Yes, para-phenylenediamine known as (PPD) and para Toluenediamine (PTD) are cancer suspect agents that absorb through skin. Unfortunately, PPD or PTD are to some degree is contained in 75% of hair dyes, the darker the colour, the higher the amount so the higher the risk of a reaction. 

With these potential risks, Root Cover Up gives woman a safe solution to camouflage roots during pregnancy and gives them a handy touch up tool to use after baby arrives, when time for hair appointments is scarce. Root Cover Up goes on easily for perfect results and stays in place, binding to hair to create a water-resistant multi-dimensional shine and natural-looking colour.  Each shade is packed with a variety of pigments to blend with different hair colours.

Color Wow Root Cover Up £28.50 is available in six shades: Black, Platinum, Blonde, Light, Medium and Dark Brown and Black.


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