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Prepare For The Best Night’s Sleep Ever

Prepare For The Best Night’s Sleep Ever

You need to set the scene because this is going to be the most relaxing evening ever, resulting in a blissful sleep.

Look in your bathroom cabinet or on your Insta-worthy shelves, as you can probably find some of these products, or something similar. Fear not though, if rummaging around your bathroom doesn’t help, you can always order these beautifully curated products online.

Run a Bath

We suggest adding some a bath soak or bath salts from Dove at Boots. The Lavender & Chamomile Relaxing Care Foaming Bath Soak (£5.99) is specially made to relieve tired and aching muscles and leave skin soft and smooth. The Coconut & Cacao Restoring Care Bath Salts (£6.99) help to soothe tired and aching muscles, leaving the kin soft, smooth and delicately fragranced from the indulgent scents. Also formulated to relax your mind and body as you soak.

Light a Candle

We recommend the luxurious ESPA Hand-poured Soothing Candle (£37) to cast calm over your space. It offers a deeply relaxing blend of soothing aromas that will slow your busy mind and body for a greater sense of peace.

Prepare your Bedroom

Get your room ready with an Alexandra Kay Time to Inhale Diffuser and the Alexandra Kay Time to Sleep Essential Oil. Simply add the oil to the diffuser and spritz your room with the calming evening soothing scent, ready for when you go to bed.

Focus on Skincare

Before stepping into your bath take some time with your skincare routine and try the new AVEENO® CALM + RESTORE™ Face Care Collection from Boots. Containing four hero products including a nourishing Cleanser (£7.99), soothing Toning Lotion (£7.99), Triple Oat Serum (£9.99) and Oat Gel Moisturiser (£10.99). The range is formulated with prebiotic oat, known for helping soothe and repair your skin, while restoring the skin’s moisture barrier.

Put the Kettle on

Pour yourself a cup of Lab Tonica Hand Blended Botanicals Unplugged Tea. Then relax in the bath knowing that you are enjoying chamomile, passion flower and rose which will help towards a gentle night’s sleep. The Lab Tonica Unplugged Gift Set (£22) comes with Sleep Balm and also Pillow Mist, perfect for bed after your bath.

Nourish your Hair

The deliciously scented Sakrid Haircare Duo (£36) will work wonders on your hair before bed. The Clean + Calm Organic Shampoo and the Smooth + Silky Conditioner are both packed with complexes to nourish, shine, and strengthen your hair. As an added bonus the Sakrid conditioner can also be used as a leave-in conditioner and even a bath soak or hand cream!


Lastly you need to rest your eyes while sleeping, so we suggest wearing a Sensory Retreats Dreamy Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask in Jasmine (£3.95 each, £15 box of 5). Enriched with jasmine to help relieve and soothe tired eyes, still a busy mind and banish tension. The mask harnesses advanced and patented Ecosteam technology combined with luxurious aromatherapy scents. You will drift off into a soothing slumber whilst wearing one of these.