Tara Harris our Food Writer from the Yorkshire Food Guide, gets a taste of the ‘The Juice Life’ as part of PRESS London’s popular 3 day juice and soup cleanse programme.

Third nine course tasting menu consumed in a week, the diet was not going well for the upcoming Coachella Festival. With more restaurant reviews booked into the diary in the lead up, I needed a quick fix to get me beach body ready.

The Science

My friend introduced me to PRESS London, who offer cold-pressed, raw and unpasteurised juice and health food as part of your daily diet or as daily detoxes. Not just with a weight loss aim but also to relieve fatigue, improved immunity, heart health, circulation, digestion, strength and as an anti-inflamatory.

If I set my mind to something I’m able to be quite strict so I thought I’d give it a go. PRESS London say: “Our juices never reach above three degrees, meaning all of our bottles resemble the raw fruit and vegetables inside them, in their natural state, with the maximum level of vitamins, enzymes, minerals and nutrients possible.”

My options were to just consume their eye-catching and colourful juices as a three day ‘cleanse’, or try one of their new soup cleanses, which is a mixture of three juices and three soups that include a multitude of superfoods. With eating as a profession I went for the ‘Nourish Soup Cleanse’ as a happy medium.

The Products

I was excited to receive my box full of colourful goodness, numbered in the order to be eaten. I got started with their ‘Pineapple Aid’, labelled as hydrating also with anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits. A great start, it was as it said hydrating, and the slight hit of cayenne added to the taste. Advised to consume a juice or soup every two hours I was quickly ready for the next. Fearing the ‘Greenhouse’ juice the most which contains kale, spinach, celery, romaine, cucumber, ginger and lemon, I was actually pleasantly surprised. It took me a while to finish the 500ml bottle with it being quite heavy.

Unfortunately the ‘Skinny Veg Broth’ soup was not great. Watery and mainly tasting of vegetable stock with a slight hint of ginger. However at 45 calories for the whole soup and immune system boosting I powered through and added a few pumpkin seeds for taste. Things then got better, their ‘Tomato, Basil and Cashew’ soup was delicious. Really comforting and one that I looked forward to each day. I was impressed at the size of the soups, bowl full to the brim each time and I didn’t feel hungry. I did have a slight headache most days which I put down to cutting out caffeine during the cleanse. I didn’t need the caffeine fix though, I still felt energised.

Onto another juice next ‘Firey Apple’, its name is the perfect descriptor with apple, ginger and lemon ingredients. Again refreshing and kerbed my hunger until the final soup. I was again impressed with the ‘Mint and Pea’ soup. Full of flavour and filling. In the evening my ‘dessert’ was their ‘Vanilla Leche’ which contains water, almonds, rice, medjool date, vanilla bean, sunflower oil and pink himalayan salt. This was yum and felt like an evening treat.

Whilst working at home with the dog I had nothing to distract me until day three. I attended a Gin Tasting Experience event and watched my other half eat a waffle, meat and cheese and a pizza all in one day. One downside of the soup cleanse is that you cannot be out and about all day when doing it. Of course I consumed the gin cocktails, I ended up buying some nuts which felt like cheating and finally gave in at the end of the day by eating one (I lied two) pieces of pizza.

The Results

So to the results, I was pretty impressed. With four pounds lost after three days, my scales telling me my body fat percentage had reduced and a noticeable half or full inch lost from each area of my body. Plus I didn’t feel hungry on the cleanse and had energy. I would highly recommend the PRESS Soup and Juice Cleanse, with the biggest tip that if you’re going to do this make sure you have three days of no plans and no distractions.

House of Coco readers get one day free off a three day soup cleanse by visiting and using the code YORKFOODGUIDE at checkout.


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