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Primary Features of the Canada Post Parcel Tracking Option

Primary Features of the Canada Post Parcel Tracking Option

Primary Features of the Canada Post Parcel Tracking Option


Brand Canada Post appeared in the late 1960s based on the Royal Media Canada postal operator. Currently, more than 72,000 employees work in the specified company. Also, the enterprise has over 6,200 postal departments in the country. And Canada Post permanently grows. For example, the cost of operations in 2021 increased by 2% (or $127 mln) compared with 2020.

The described postal operator proposes a long list of various offerings to its clients. E.g., the Canada Post tracking option is in high demand among consumers. Specialists recommend employing this service solely through well-known platforms (for instance, pkge.net), though. This will assist in avoiding cheating and getting wrong data about packages.

How to Track Canada Post Packages

Clients may trace their parcels by employing specific numbers (or codes). To track mailpieces, customers should enter appropriate codes into a certain search bar and push a corresponding button to launch scanning for the necessary package in a digital database.

Peculiarities of Tracking Process for Recipients

Receivers can track their parcels by applying the next types of codes:

  1. Delivery notice card numbers. Here, they will find 15-digit codes placed above the barcodes.
  2. Tracking numbers. These codes may consist of 13 (involving numerals and letters) or 16 (including solely digits) characters.
  3. Reference numbers. The postal operator appoints these codes only to certain items. Nay, it can be necessary to specify a destination postcode to identify a mailpiece in this case.

Recipients should type codes carefully. Otherwise, they may receive information about third-party packages.

What Should Senders Keep in Their Mind?

Here, some information about Canada Post tracking numbers has to be remembered, for example:

  • domestic items (except prepaid labels as well as envelopes) mailed across the country consist of 16 numerals;
  • international shipments and prepaid envelopes, along with labels, are assigned codes including 16 characters;
  • Canada Post prepaid products that weren't mailed at the time of purchase have no tracking numbers at all.

In addition, senders should know they won't be able to restore lost tracking numbers. This is because of privacy terms.

Widespread Problems With the Canada Post Tracking Option

Initially, it's worth noting that occasionally packages are delayed. This may be caused by road closures, poor weather conditions, natural disasters, and so on. Canada Post usually notifies its clients about such delays. The other frequent issues are:

  1. Missing parcels are shown as delivered. Here, recipients should check the address specified within the dispatch processing. If it's OK, receivers are advised to look around their homes (couriers occasionally leave packages in safe places near houses). If that doesn't help, recipients should contact the Canada Post help desk.
  2. Courier left a notice card instead of a package. In this case, receivers have to bring the cards along with their IDs and visit certain post offices to pick up mailpieces.
  3. Tracking status doesn't update. Occasionally, the barcodes on the packages are damaged. Therefore, employees may skip scanning such parcels at interim postal points. Thus, receivers should just wait until their mailpieces are delivered to their destinations. There, such parcels necessarily go through final scanning.

More detail on widespread problems with the Canada Post tracking service can be found, e.g., on PKGE.NET.

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